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May 03 2016
at 1:11 PM
Santiago Lara is an unknown (to me, until now) and young (32) flamenco guitarist, but with a cuople of prestigious awards in flamenco festivals. He has just released a record called "Flamenco tribute to Pat Metheny" whose title says it all. He happens to be a grat Pat’s admirer (as almost every flamenco guitarist) and has formed a band with great musicians to make this record. I think it’s a great idea to play Pat’s music in a flamenco vibe, altough I stil haven’t lisetend to it. The tracks included are: 1 Minuano, 2 Find me in your dreams. 3 James, 4 Question and answer, 5 Antonia, 6 The search, 7 Letter from home, 8 The heat of the day. There are some live peformances in YouTube, esay to find.
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May 14 2018
at 1:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I enjoyed the related YT videos very much--very emotive and energetic. Interesting(?) side note: he and the dancer are husband and wife.
Apr 24 2018
at 6:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Sounds fantastic, must seek out
Apr 24 2018
at 6:06 AM
Bookmark and Share James it happens to be one of my favourites on the album, but not for the guitar playing but for Antonio Serrano’s harmonica. Antonio Serrano is a maestro. There is a concert on Youtube in an official channel, where he plays Summertime with the harmonica, and he accompanies himself with the piano. Just great. My favourite piece on this album is The Search, which is a song that I can listen non stop and it is very nicely covered. I’m glad you enjoyed the record, with this material is difficult not to to do good one, ha,ha, I listen to it a lot.
Apr 23 2018
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share This is a nice record, which I just heard recently. He takes "James" a little too breakneck for my taste, but overall very enjoyable and well-played. (Flamenco guitarists kill me, how fast they can play. All hail the late Paco de Lucia!) Thanks for the heads-up, Antoñete.
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