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SUBJECT: Pat’s piece for Los Angeles Guitar Quartet premieres Back to Subjects
Oct 20 2016
at 5:44 PM
Today I feel so fortunate to live in Denver, where Pat’s newest composition has its world premiere tonight at the University of Denver’s music school. The piece, entitled "The Road to the Sun," will be performed by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Pat spoke at a seminar here today, saying it was probably the first time he’s gone to his concert and sat in the audience. The piece is 35 minutes long, he said, and it includes some elements of his unique playing style.
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Nov 15 2018
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw them in Dayton, OH on 11/4. Very enjoyable. When I saw them a few years ago (<11), I didn’t leave wanting more then--I only knew one of the pieces played and the mood was very somber. So, I had mixed feeling going into this concert. But they played a lot of music with which I was familiar and it was more upbeat. And then there was Pat’s piece. I attended with a friend who’d never been to a classical concert. He had a blast. I would highly recommend seeing them this tour.
Nov 14 2018
at 4:45 PM
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Nov 14 2018
at 3:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Did anyone see the LAGQ perform this in ST. Louis at the Sheldon? I was out of town and missed it.
Nov 13 2018
at 9:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Anyone see them perform this in St. Louis? I was out of town.
Sep 07 2018
at 12:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Thirdwind for the thorough heads-up. I have tickets for a month from now, I hope to hear this 35 min piece ! Plus everything else ... Can’t wait
Sep 04 2018
at 7:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Does anyone know where this can be heard, either online or off, maybe for purchase?
Oct 26 2016
at 7:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Just noticed that this piece will be played this Friday night in Santa Barbara’s Lobero theater. Here is the link to buy tickets:
Oct 25 2016
at 8:44 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve tried to describe some elements without being too specific. Pat loves his surprises (think of how most of the Orchestrion was hidden behind the curtain at the beginning of shows). But listening to Road to the Sun, which unfolds over six movements, I was first reminded of the harmonic progressions of Map of the World, emotionally as well as musically. Later, the long chains of developing chords (climbing the foothills?) reminded me of Rise Up. There was a movement made up of three simple chords, which changed at abrupt, unusual time intervals (representing a tourist swiveling his head to see a constantly changing landscape of mountain peaks?). When the ending came, I was surprised. Had a half-hour really gone by? But because I have no kind of recording of the piece, I’m left with only imperfect memories. Metheny’s music has always taken multiple listenings to make full sense to me- that’s why the pieces can grow and get better over hundreds of listenings. Let me just predict that this recording will become important to many fans, once it becomes available. I look forward to turning it up past back-of-the-hall classical volume!
Oct 24 2016
at 3:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks very much for the report, thirdwind. It sounds soooo exciting!
Oct 22 2016
at 11:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, Premiere Night is over and "Road to the Sun" has been introduced to the world.. The venue was an elegant, massive concert hall at the University of Denver’s Newman Center, filled with the usual tweedy subscription members, plus scattered Methenyiacs like me, sprinkled though the cheap seats. First, the LA Guitar Quartet played standard pieces by luminaries such as Bach and Copeland. Those pieces established the context for the guitar quartet, an ensemble of three standard classical guitars and one with an extra string, for extended range. Pat’s new work fits comfortably within that tradition. Intricate arrangements sent the melody dancing from one guitar to another, the only clues to the magic coming with careful observation of the players’ hands. Metheny’s new piece unfolded in multiple movements. Key elements of Pat’s playing were incorporated: long, climbing sequences of warm and uplifting chords, that itchy, string-scratching thing that drives my dear wife crazy, and considerably more strumming than classical guitarists typically do outside the flamenco tradition. The standing ovation at the end lasted about a minute. I’m trying to avoid any excess spoilers here, but the work will next be performed for the six other venues and groups that commissioned it, followed by a tour "everywhere" and a recording that I will certainly buy on the first day available. Looks like Pat has found a brand new instrument to bring his conceptions to life. Like a human Orchestrion, the LAGQ shows us what an eight-handed Metheny would sound like. Bring it on, I say-more is more! This event got very little publicity here, so you might have to seek and search.
Oct 22 2016
at 12:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Two days later, can we get a followup? What was the music like? 35 minutes is pretty long for a single piece.
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