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Nov 04 2017
at 9:00 PM
Curious if anyone out there is a fan of this album produced in 1969 by Quincy Jones. Personally, an album that led me into modern jazz, .... had Ray Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Totts Theilman etc. A great classic ...
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Mar 27 2018
at 5:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Not familiar with Walking in Space, but I do have a comment about the president. His legacy will be his bullying, lying and divisiveness. Myself, I’d just rather that (if I’m remembered at all) I’m remembered as a nice guy. Nothing more. The first Baron Acton (1834–1902, historian and moralist) said: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." Does anyone remember the Basement here in the AG? I kind of miss that place, although things sometimes could get pretty heated. But people need to blow off some steam now and then.
Mar 06 2018
at 8:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole .... that’s a great insight into Pat and really, do any of us want to fashion our lives on how we want to be remembered.?? It is a very egotistic thought , really. ... and not worth too much consideration. We should have our eyes on the higher more personal goals.
Mar 06 2018
at 1:07 PM
Bookmark and Share it’s like what pat said, some years back, when asked in an interview: ’how do you want to be remembered?’ . . . . and pat said: ’it doesn’t matter . .’
Mar 05 2018
at 8:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole. .... just happened to cogitate on your message ... re what has happened to the country in the past year. Barack Obama to me was a class act, no hidden agendas, tried to reach out to that element we don’t understand. ... But humans are so maleable at a young age. Even when it seems we as Americans have had all the positives. ..... but no, here we are with a president with very few positives, morally or intellectually. We have had the greatest music generation in the 79’s -90’s. ..... only to suffer pushback .... and reversion to what I call primitive music. So. ... makes me wonder what future generations of Homo sapiens will do. Not totally optimistic ! music styles
Feb 27 2018
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share i suppose it would be nice to have hip ’leaders’ (bronco obama was pretty good - he digs trane and beatles and miles and esperanza), but even more importantly, i think, is that the ’amuriKKKan people’ require a ’psyche re-vamp’ . . . . this has become a quite ’mean’ and bitter populace. lots of ’hatred’ and meanness for meanness’ sake . . . . . as neil young wrote and nicolette larson so sweetly sang: ’it’s gonna take a lot o’ love to change the way things are . . .’
Feb 25 2018
at 8:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole ... what a poetic presentation of our predicament ! You, Naut and others here know exactly what you’re saying. .. Would you have dreamed of ever having such a bizarre leader? ..., its like a bizarre dream, but maybe a warning to those who took democracy for granted. Well, I think Bernie Sanders could do a much better George McGovern act .. just unelectable unfortunately. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy 45 years of Pat’s music. ....
Feb 24 2018
at 6:58 AM
Bookmark and Share hey there patsfan! you’re right on - this democracy could very well be an island in the setting sun (as paul simon said), and it seems like most of the population is so ’tranced out’ by all their ’screens’ that they don’t even see/feel it happening. very sad situation and the rest of the world knows it. yep, it would be super to have somebody like pat as POTUS, but, of course, pat’s too smart (and too ’human’) to ever desire such a burden upon his illumined life, i would imagine. more realistically (oh really??), i would like to see george mcgovern rise from the dead and win it all in 2020 - haha!! to quote james taylor: ’ . . distant hands in foreign lands are turning hidden wheels . . . . causing things to come about that no one seems to feel . . . all invisible from where we stand, the connections come to pass . . . and though too strange to comprehend, it affects us nonetheless, yes . . . . .’ ~ and JT said all that in 1974, in his song ’migration’ from the ’walking man’ album . . . . . interesting how not much as changed except for becoming even more blatant & in-yer-face fascism. i sure hope something good happens pretty soon . . . . . . . .
Feb 22 2018
at 7:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole ... couldn’t agree with you more , our HUGE president is making a travesty of our democracy . Now, I’d rather have old Quincy as president, but Pat would be my top choice.
Feb 22 2018
at 7:45 AM
Bookmark and Share sorry, but the only thing HUGE about the present nazi regime of the united snakes is the level of evil that’s spreading super quickly like some rancid cancer. pure meanness for meanness’ sake. duck and cover. thankfully, none of that has anything to do with the pat website, which is what we all come here for. and may the gods bless quincy jones - he has done so much in the music world, and in spite of his screwy talk about the beatles, he’s one o’ the good guys!
Feb 17 2018
at 8:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole ... have to agree, Quince is losing it a bit in old age, and , well, cut him some slack like we do for our hugely incredible president. :)) ... Walking in Space was a HUGE !!!!! album. Ray Brown, Toots, Freddie Hubbard etc etc Huge !!!!
Feb 17 2018
at 1:51 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree wholeheartedly with you, mole. I was surprised by what Q said about the Beatles as well. Maybe he was talking about a period in the way past, before they got really good or something. I think McCartney’s bass playing was one of the greatest things about the band. He’s just consistently amazing, especially from "Rubber Soul" forward.
Feb 16 2018
at 12:50 PM
Bookmark and Share yep - i love quincy jones, fer sure, but that tawdry stuff he was sayin’ about the beatles and about how mccartney’s the ’worst bass player ever’, was just a load o’ bunk . . . . makes me think he’s got a coupla screws loose, here in his dotage . . . . Q’s ’right on’ about most things, but he don’t seem to know dick about the beatles.
Feb 13 2018
at 7:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut ...Quincy doesn’t mince words, indeed !! He really doesn’t give a s.... ! He is what he is. ... a cool dude ! But in 1969, that album ’ Walking in Space’ to me was his epitome, getting all those great musicians together to celebrate landing on the moon.
Feb 08 2018
at 8:38 PM
Bookmark and Share There’s a pretty cool interview with Quincy floating around the internet of late. You may have already seen it, but if not, just google and you’ll find it. One segment that tickled me was Q saying: "Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, ’Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.’ I said, ’No problem. She’s a fine motherfucker.’ She had the most beautiful legs I ever saw in my life. Wrong father, though." Hehe...ain’t that the truth.
Dec 07 2017
at 11:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Quincy has transcended so many trends...The Dude. Velas with Toots...
Nov 13 2017
at 9:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Geez, thanks, at least someone caught my egregious spelling error ! .....Poor Toots, I knew better :). As for the album, it might have been been the last hurrah for Quincy as a jazz icon..
Nov 11 2017
at 3:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Don’t know the album but I’m guessing you mean Toots Thielemans...
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