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SUBJECT: Pat updated his rig Back to Subjects
Nov 09 2017
at 11:10 AM
It seems to that Pat updated his rig. I don´t know how when he did it, but here at the Hamburg Show on Oct. 31st I saw a Kemper Profiling Amp instead of the "good ole" Digitech2101. I also think that his live sound has become a little bit darker which also could be in connection with his new "workhorse" dutch guitar he uses instead of the "good ole" Ibanez. Anyway it was a great show in Hamburg...
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Chris Digger
Jan 12 2018
at 6:17 PM
Bookmark and Share He recently prefers playing ´live´ on a Ovation Nylon-String (opposed to the Linda Manzer Nylon-String).
Chris Digger
Nov 25 2017
at 11:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Also he uses on the new dutch guitar the piezo blend for more acoustic steel-string sounds. But for me a significant update is the synth guitar Sound, it is way smoother bedded in the mix like by a compression effect.
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