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Nov 15 2017
at 8:10 PM
Pat was a clue in a recent segment of Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions, under the category of Main Musical Instruments. Alex read the clue, as usual, which was the name of the musician, "Pat Metheny." Only one contestant rang in, with the incorrect answer, "Banjo." Regrettably, nobody knew it was "Guitar." Did anybody else catch that?
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Mike S.
Feb 08 2018
at 8:41 AM
Bookmark and Share It is a totally embarrassing that there are as many people in this hopelessly stupid country that have no idea that Pat exists!!! They are just happy to consume their McDonald’s of music that they get on their TV’s and commercial radio stations.
Jan 21 2018
at 3:47 PM
Bookmark and Share It doesn’t really surprise me that much - that the general "Jeopardy" contestants don’t know Pat. What does surprise me is that when I play a jazz trivia game on my iPhone - 95+percent of my opponents don’t answer questions about Pat correctly. Whenever a question comes up regarding Pat, Brad Mehldau , Joshua Redman, etc (the "younger jazz musicians") I seem to be the only one who knows them... Lol.
Dec 07 2017
at 11:07 AM
Bookmark and Share hi molesoulsandal...The Way Up brought so many of these ideas to the forefront. I enjoy the super fidelity of an 11 speaker system playing Imaginary Day in DVD Audio format...after immersing in such a beautiful sound how could a person wish for less...yet that is what the youtubers and spotify audio speakers that are worse than our old transistor radio sounds. But,alas, it is all good. Youtube also lets us see Eric Dolphy play live and Spotify lets the young ’uns get whiff of the original ecm projects and wishes...more pat on Jeopardy.
Dec 06 2017
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share hey bluepno: inspired by your previous post, i am reminded of this carole king lyric: ’ . . waiting at the station with a workday wind a-blowing, i’ve got nothing to do but watch the passers-by . . . mirrored in their faces i see frustration growing, and they don’t see it showing, why do i?’ i see this ’new world’ as one that arrogantly & blindly believes that it is more ’connected’ than ever before, thanks to all the not-quite-mastered ’technology’, when in reality, everyone is so much more isolated than ever before. constantly i see peoples walking down the street glaring at these little foxholes that they carry around in their hand(s), and i remember that, originally, this whole idea of becoming ’hip’ was to ’become aware’ . . . . as awareness, more and more, becomes an island in the setting sun, things are allowed to happen that have landed us in the post-morality environment that we now find ourselves in. somebody could say, well what does this have to do w/the pat metheny website? i say that it has virtually everything to do with pat. pat, and his associates of ’like minds’ have done so much for helping ones, who are ’available’, to tune in to the process of self-realization. and, hey, i miss all of you, too!
Dec 05 2017
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share A recent msn survey asked who listened to newly released music...less than 10percent said they did...a larger group said they never did. The world has changed, at least digitally. I miss all of you.. the daily conjectures and banter was a fine diversion.
Dec 04 2017
at 1:05 PM
Bookmark and Share i have friends who now live in lee’s summit, missouri, and they say that when pat comes there for the holidays, or whenever, that he can pretty much go downtown, or wherever he wants, usually without being recognized, or ’bothered’, at all! that must be really great for him to be able to come ’home’ and it be close to like it was when he was growing up there. success and fame, minus the ’celebrity’ illusion, has got to be the way to go . . . who needs the clutter, eh?
Dec 01 2017
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share as a test I asked the table I was sitting at for my company Christmas lunch (all highly educated engineers except myself) if any of them has heard of Pat Metheny. None of them had.
Nov 30 2017
at 12:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I have to admit to watching Wheel of Fortune some also. I read that Pat Sayjek and Vanna White each get paid $8 million a year to do that show while essentially working part-time. seems the issue here is that Pat isn’t more of a household name. I didn’t "get" Pat until 1998 when I was 43 years old. But then again I never had what might be called main steam tastes. I would hope Pat makes a superior living from doing what he does but somehow think he still do it if he didn’t.
Nov 29 2017
at 7:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut , Just to summarize and clarify. ... and moleandsoul ( in Mexico it’s :: Lacquered chicken in classic red mole; Mexican white rice with sweet plantains; Mexican crudite platter. ). This thread is not to specifically denigrate Jeapardy but to point out the sad state of American music tastes. Amen.
Nov 28 2017
at 4:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been out of pocket, so this is the first chance in a week I’ve had to follow up. Hey patsfan, no problem. I was just shakin’ your chain a little anyway. But I’m with you 100 percent on Wheel of Fortune. I detest that show, and won’t watch 12 seconds or less of it when it comes on. I do love Pat, of course, as do most who come in here. And classical, and lots of jazz, and an occasional singer songwriter: Joni, Croz, whose Sky Trails is most excellent, James Taylor, CSNY, etc. And hman01, you might be right, especially if musical education is your field. But you know, I could dance to almost every track of We Live Here, although I’d probably get my shimmy bent of shape trying to shake a leg to "Stranger in Town." franksexton, my guess is the dollar amount of the Pat question was $800, but that’s just a guess, since it’s been a while. molesoulsandal, I’m always psyched when Pat puts out a new album. Can’t wait for the next one! Cheers to all!
Nov 25 2017
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share This is somewhat of a generalization. But, I’ve discovered that most people use music for movement or what they feel is popular at any given moment. Dance music is what most people like. Very few people when your talking about society at large want music to LISTEN to. As a school music teacher, people will want music for special events with a certain theme. Last time they said they wanted music of multiple genres. So I gave them this. Then when it came to the actual event, after a few minutes, they said in an exasperated tone "DON’T YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO DANCE TO?!?! This ALWAYS happens. From now on, I will only program Dance Music. That will save me A LOT of preparation time and stress....
Nov 24 2017
at 12:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I didn’t see that episode but do admit I will tune in to Jeopardy on occasion. Although most of the contestants seem bright enough or they wouldn’t have made it through the qualifying process, I am not surprised on any given night none of the three would know who Pat is. When you look at the small percentage of people who are either a real fan of jazz or a guitarist, that doesn’t account for many of us. Regardless, Pat should be known to more people just for the length and body of his amazing career. I would bet the same three would not know John McLaughlin, Bill Frisell or Pat Martino either. It’s just another example of the "dummying down" of our society. Shame
Nov 23 2017
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share i know what you mean, patsfan: indeed, people don’t appreciate music anymore, and what’s worse is that they don’t even listen any longer. until relatively recently (past 20 years, or so) music was a bigger deal in peoples’ lives . . . . they hung on every word, note, chord, and polyrhythm of their favorite musical sages. this happened globally. when the beatles or dylan or stevie would put out an album, it was a bloody international event! heck, even when PMG had a new release, it was a rather big deal. now it’s down & dirty - a post-morality world, where everyone has ’license’ to pull whatever manner of shuck & jive that they can dream up. as sting said: ’ . . it’s a bad way . . . . .’
Nov 21 2017
at 6:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Firstly, Naut, apologies, I was really thinking of Wheel of Fortune which is the one that annoys me. .... maybe it’s because it hasn’t changed for 40 yrs, And 60 yr old Vanna is still 25 yrs old and the damn show looks like the original. Anyways, whatever, it annoys the hell out of me. Sorry, but ..... And America is going to hell in a hand basket.. Politicians are sex addicts. People don’t appreciate good music. No one I know appreciates Pat Metheny like me. ..... Or simply good quality music. Happy TG ::)
Nov 20 2017
at 2:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I watch Jeopardy all the time. What was the dollar amount on the question ?
Nov 18 2017
at 6:52 AM
Bookmark and Share yes, i did see that episode of jeopardy and have been telling friends about it. it’s not that surprising though . . . . ’music’, as such, is not so much on human beings’ ’radar’ as it was, say in the earlier decades . . . . . everything’s ’visual’ now . . . . sad, but true . . . . . . i was totally surprised when pat’s name popped up - but as i say, not surprised at all that no one was familiar with him. true story: i saw a jeopardy episode about a month ago and NONE OF THE THREE CONTESTANTS EVEN KNEW WHO GEORGE HARRISON WAS!!!!!!! so, if they don’t even know the beatles, it can’t be that much of a stretch that they don’t know about that whiz kid from lee’s summit - haha!
Nov 18 2017
at 6:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Yo patsfan! I resemble that comment. I watch Jeopardy! (Hope you’re well, bud.)
Nov 17 2017
at 7:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut.... what a sad state of affairs ! You have a iconic instrumental jazz guy ... for 45 yrs no less ! ! And Pat is not on the radar of a majority in most generations ! Well, I would say 80percent of people are clueless about music , period. But ... first of all, Jeopardy .!! No one who watches Jeopardy will ever have a clue who Pat is anyways. ... that’s of course good.
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