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Chris Digger
Jan 12 2018
at 6:13 PM
Has anyone heard Pat singing on a (Sideman) studio recording? Only heard it on one album. Have you heard it?
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Chris Digger
Jan 17 2018
at 6:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Bingo! Great Input, Ulrich!
Jan 16 2018
at 12:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat Metheny is listed as background singer on one title on Noa by Israelian singer Noa on Geffen records . The cd was produced by Pat in 1994 . The song is called Child of Man. But actually I cannot identify Pat as a singer. He himself does not play on the cd, however Lyle (Mays) and Steve(Rodby) do. On Jim Hall’s cd By Arrangement Pat joins Jim Hall on the classic Django and someone is humming along the melody but I suppose it is rather Jim Hall and not Pat and you cannot call it singing (it is rather like Keith Jarrett’s humming - which in my opinion is a rather disturbing noise.) I think Pat’s instrument is the guitar and not his voice . In the past he employed male singers singing (mainly wordlessly) like the great Pedro Aznar, David Blamires, the late Mark Ledford, but also Cuong Vu and Richard Bona. He likes to accompany singers especially female ones. His melodies of course have the quality of singing. Being a perfectionist Pat does not want to annoy people with his singing (my interpretation)
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