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Jan 17 2018
at 6:16 AM
Was looking at post re Pat’s voice on a recording and was shocked to see that Mark Ledford had passed. This was in November of 2004. SURPRISED that I had not heard about this. Mark was tremendous and will be sorely missed.
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Mike S.
Feb 08 2018
at 8:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Well said patsfan. I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking his hand (as well as Pat’s and Lyle’s) the morning after a concert in Boston.
Jan 19 2018
at 7:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Really sad, 43 years old and such a great addition to Imaginary Day and Still Life Talikng albums .... and I believe We Live Here.. Yep .... life is not fair, but he left his mark on many of us.
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