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Chris Digger
Jan 17 2018
at 6:35 AM
On how many Albums from japanese singerin Akiko Yano Pat is credited as guitarist?
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From: Message:
Jan 18 2018
at 5:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Welcome back (1989): „It’s for you / How beautiful / Watching you Love life (1991): Good girl / Lots of love / Love life Oui oui (1997): I’m so lonesome I could cry / Brooklyn Bridge Piano nightly (1996): Prayer (only composition)
Jan 18 2018
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share I hope I can help a. Ugain. I have three cds with Pat and Akiko: Welcome Back - Pat is heard on three peices , especially on a beautiful version of It’s for you with AY + Charlie Haden and Peter Erskine (original version on As Falls Wichita so falls Wichita Falls) Love Life (I can’t remember at the moment on how many tracks) and Oui Oui on 2 or 3 tracks Especially Brooklyn Bridge is ineresting because here really shreds the electric guitar. A song called Prayer written by Pat exits on a fourth cd which I do not own. And Akiko can be heard on Pat’s Secret Story on one track. Unfortunately her website does not provide much information about musicians playing on her cds. Do you know the two different versions of the cd Pat made with Polish singer Anna Maria Jopek called Upojenie? Here you will find interesting interpretation of well-kowns songs as for example Are you going with me? My favourite female singer working with Pat is Abbey Lincoln’s Turtle’s Dream. Here Pat mainly plays a very blues- oriented acoustic guitar - very moving.
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