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Feb 09 2018
at 9:27 PM
Hmmm .. Was checking out ’ Like Minds ’. ( Pat’s album with Gary, Chick, Roy etc ) and found out that it was 8 years subsequently a lousy movie which used the same title. Then I remembered previously I has checked out ’ Mas Alla ’, a great tune hilighted by Pedro Aznar’s voice ... in First Circle. Because I needed a Spanish translation ... and it means ’beyond ’. But lo and behold, approx 10 years later Gloria Estefan makes a very highly publized concert for the Pope John Paul ..... the featured song was ’ Mas Alla’. ... and her song had no resemblance to the First Ciircle Mas Alla. So ... can you just steal album/ song titles ??
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Feb 12 2018
at 8:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Titles are not copyrighted. This holds for song titles, movie titles, and book titles.
Feb 12 2018
at 2:42 PM
Bookmark and Share there is a song Ebb and Flo - I think 2 completely different songs recorded by Dave Liebman and by Dave Holland. I think the copyright is on the music and not the name of the song.
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