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SUBJECT: 35th Anniversary of the Travels Live Album Back to Subjects
Feb 20 2018
at 11:22 AM
This was the album that started it all for me. Hearing new Pat tunes that you had never previously heard on prior albums like Farmers Trust and The Fields The Sky was truly wonderful. Every time I have a long ride in a car or an airplane, this is my go to album. Thank you Pat for your timeless music.
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Feb 27 2018
at 1:13 PM
Bookmark and Share This was the album that changed everything for me, and I mean everything. I first got it in 1985 when I was 19. I had heard Pat before, but at the time I had no idea of the impact that his music was going to have on me. After listening to it and letting it slowly sink in for about a year, I realized that I had to hear more of his music. I consider this the most important album that I’ve ever listened to in my lifetime.
Feb 22 2018
at 8:38 PM
Bookmark and Share The first PMG album I ever bought. Wore the grooves right off of that bad boy. I know Pat is a forward looking guy, but wouldn’t you just love to see him come onstage and rip right through that baby start to finish?
Feb 22 2018
at 7:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Chris ... you are right on, timeless indeed ! I feel that in 30 years, Pat will be revered as a jazz legend by young and old. But ... music tastes are so bad now I’m worried that might not happen.
Feb 22 2018
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Been listening to this in the car on my commute to and from work for the past few days. Pat’s music never sounds dated to me. What a great recording!
Feb 22 2018
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share love the ’travels’ album! also the ’more travels’ album. ’the fields, the sky’ is such a super song - pat has said that they have rarely performed it since those days. i remember when ’travels’ came out, we were visiting santa cruz, california, and purchased the album at the local record store there - i think it was a ’discount records’. what a time it twas hearing that great new album in such a gorgeous setting as santa cruz! thanks for reminding us all about one o’ the greatest live records ever to come down the pike!
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