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Apr 02 2018
at 9:47 PM
Last year I heard Brad in a solo concert, play God Only Knows (Beach Boys). When his 10 Years Solo came out, I was so happy to see G O K on that album as well. As a kid, I was a big Beach Boy fan. I thought (and still do) that Brian Wilson was a genius. Now-a-days, I listen mostly to jazz and I have grown very fond of Mehldau (solo and trio). The trio has a new CD coming out in May (on my birthday!) and on it is another Brian Wilson/Beach Boys composition: Friends. It seems wonderfully eerrie, that Brad is a Brian Wilson fan... I love it!
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Jun 26 2018
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Muggy ... I appreciate the heads up re April 2019 .... willl be there ... SFJazz is a great venue .... I like those seats that back up on the stage, looking down on the performers ... and the price is just right. See u there ::))
Jun 20 2018
at 8:26 PM
Bookmark and Share No worries Naut. It is sometimes hard to take in all the comments here. Anyone interested: Brad is about to tour the world with his new album as the focus. The trio will perform all over. They are coming to SFJAZZ in San Francisco in April 2019.
May 18 2018
at 2:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy birthday, mugsy. And sorry for the redundancy of my message. I didn’t read your subject message close enough. My bad. Hope you can blow out all the candles. Cheers!
May 17 2018
at 6:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Mehldau does another Brian Wilson song, "Friends," on his new record. I’m not familiar with the tune, but thought someone might like to know. The new Mehldau Trio album, "Seymour Reads the Constitution" is smokin’!
Apr 08 2018
at 8:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Warmth of the Sun, always have and always will love that tune. It’s probably one of those tunes in my opinion not to be jazzed up too much but it would interesting to hear a version from Brad. There’s a soprano sax version I remember as a kid back in late sixties early seventies. Can’t remember who performed it.
Apr 04 2018
at 11:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Brad playing Beach Boy music --It seems like a natural fit. He has such a great ability to put his touch on everything he plays.
Apr 04 2018
at 9:13 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton (and anyone else who cares), among the myriad good records from Brad, let me recommend "Live in Marciac." It’s most excellent.
Apr 04 2018
at 2:56 PM
Bookmark and Share thanks for sharing this. I have 2 other cd’s of his solo recordings. I love his covers of Paranoid Android and Things Beyond the Sun as well as My Favorite Things. I was able to request this through my library and will be getting it soon.
Apr 04 2018
at 10:48 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve seen Brad with Pat, and also with Joshua Redman in St. Louis. What a great player!
Apr 04 2018
at 8:52 AM
Bookmark and Share all hail brian & brad!!!
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