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Apr 03 2018
at 8:42 PM
This is purely hypothetical, but had to ask. If Pat had one final tour, and you were lucky enough to see him, what would you like to hear as the final encore song? The one song that would be the "it" song by which only Pat could have composed and played.
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Aug 03 2018
at 10:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Great question and very great responses so far... This is really hard. There are so many that would fit for various reasons. The End of the Game; The Way Up; etc. I think I would pick Are You Going With Me? This has been my favorite Metheny song from day one. And it seems appropriate, as Pat will be leaving us in a sense. And, yes I would love to go with him - wherever that is going to be.
Aug 02 2018
at 11:11 PM
Bookmark and Share ’Song for Bilbao’ has been suggested previously and the more I think about it that song has one of the most captivating rhythms So that’s that’s my vote this month .......
Aug 01 2018
at 4:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Great question: SOO many fabulous options but I think TTEOTW is not only a great, searing, emotional piece of music but also has a pretty appropriate title for a "final" bow.
Apr 24 2018
at 7:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Antonete: I recently rediscovered The Epic, having not heard it for years. My teenage son brought it to me recently and said he couldn’t believe I hadn’t played it to him. It’s funny because Pat in interviews says that he and Lyle find the track quite amusing in some ways because it was their first attempt at a longer piece with lots of tempo/mood changes. Yet it works terrifically well... and the solos absolutely burn. And The Search, yeah, a hidden gem.
Apr 24 2018
at 7:00 PM
Bookmark and Share SB James - right on! The Way Up of course because it’s the longest one. Otherwise I will say Song for Bilbao because that’s how many PMG gigs should and do end.
Apr 23 2018
at 5:55 AM
Bookmark and Share it would be an improvisation
Apr 20 2018
at 11:28 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan, I love ’To the End of the World’. PMG played it in Philly in ’95. One of my all-time favorite shows.
Apr 19 2018
at 11:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Ok, Iwhen I really want to down shift, escape all the irritations in our environment, relax and zone out for 10 minutes. .... it’s ’ The End of the World ’ .from We Live Here. Yeh, definitely not exciting or jazzy, sort of the total opposite of ’. The roots of coincidence ’. . But then, that’s my current mood. .... It could change next month.
Apr 19 2018
at 2:41 PM
Bookmark and Share yep - i think when it all comes down to it that the perfect ’encore’ for pat & co. would always be ’first circle’ . . . . . pat once described it as ’a big truck of a song’, and that just about covers it!
Chris Digger
Apr 18 2018
at 6:23 PM
Bookmark and Share For me it would be FIRST CIRCLE. I attended PMG-concerts since the Album IMAGINARY DAY back in 1998 and they never played it live since then. But as i know they played it often till and on the WE LIVE HERE-World-Tour.
Apr 18 2018
at 5:14 PM
Bookmark and Share molesoulsandal, The Epic is an outstanding song, and Lyle’s solo on it is mindblowing. There is another song on that album that I just love, and I can listen to it non stop: The Search. Check out Santiago Lara’s cover on his flamenco tribute to Pat.
Apr 17 2018
at 6:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, since no one has mentioned it (I think), I’ll throw in my $2 (inflation you know). The Way Up would make one hell of an encore. If it has to be shorter, then The Roots of Coincidence.
Apr 17 2018
at 7:50 AM
Bookmark and Share i was recently listening to an old PMG song, off ’american garage’, called ’the epic’, which has always been one o’ my favorites . . . . . . from what he says in the first pat metheny songbook, the PMG ’used to laugh a lot about that one’, as he said that they ’were all over the map’ on that tune’ . . . . . whatever the case, i just love the spirit of it, and think it’s one o’ their great songs (one ’section’ of it hauntingly reminds me of that old song from france, that edith piaf, and later les baxter, had hit recordings of, called ’the poor people of paris’) . . . . long story short, i think ’the epic’ would make a nice ’surprise’ encore song!!
Apr 16 2018
at 10:57 AM
Bookmark and Share "End of the Game" followed by "End of the World"
Apr 16 2018
at 10:15 AM
Bookmark and Share "The Truth Will Always Be" This is THIS song!!!!! The best of THE BESTs!!!!
Apr 15 2018
at 11:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat usually does four or five encores so he could really do five medleys of his hits. But I don’t see him retiring until he at least 90 years old. His tour could be sponsored by AARP.
Apr 14 2018
at 5:32 PM
Bookmark and Share There is a song that I just love, that I’ve never seen played live (and I’m not sure but I think it has never been) and whose title fits perfectly with this: End Of The Game.
Apr 11 2018
at 8:37 AM
Bookmark and Share great idea, frank sexton, but let’s make it a loooooooooong medley, eh?
Apr 10 2018
at 9:30 AM
Bookmark and Share how about a medley of everything mentioned ?
Apr 08 2018
at 8:59 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m with you Hambone.
Apr 07 2018
at 9:32 PM
Bookmark and Share "It’s For You."
Apr 05 2018
at 9:32 AM
Bookmark and Share . . . . . . . and if they had already played ’third wind’ during the gig, here’s hoping the ’encore’ would be ’september 15th’.
Apr 04 2018
at 11:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Great question. I’ve pondered this before because the day will come when Pat will have to make a final tour. Although it’s too early to face that depressing time, I would be hard pressed to pick my final song choice. And this could change with the next new PM song I hear. But for now I’d have to go with a twenty minute version of To The End Of The World.
Apr 04 2018
at 9:15 PM
Bookmark and Share "Song for Bilbao"
Apr 04 2018
at 6:27 PM
Bookmark and Share ’third wind’
Apr 04 2018
at 5:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Great question, so many choices. For me it would have to be The Truth Will Always Be, even though it would probably leave me emotionally overwhelmed.
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