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Apr 13 2018
at 2:31 PM
2017 release with Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan - reminds me of Beyond the Missouri Sky , along with "IN Movement" my 2017 Jazz albums of the year. here is a review from all about jazz :
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May 02 2018
at 2:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh yes, that is a terrific release. Bill Frisell is an absolute monster. He is just a complete true artist, and knows that fretboard like no other. The "Small Town" release is terrific. Thomas Morgan is an animal. I think its a wonderful pairing.
May 02 2018
at 7:52 AM
Bookmark and Share I love that record. One of the most beautifully recorded live records ECM’s ever done. Frisell squeezes every last ounce out of Goldfinger. I’ve been listening to it on Tidal in its MQA version and it sounds like you’re sitting right up front.
May 01 2018
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I guess no one else liked it (or not enough to answer anyway)
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