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Apr 17 2018
at 6:01 PM
It’s been six long, lonely years. Pittsburgh has plenty of beautiful venues of differing sizes. We want to see you in the ’Burgh, Pat! Lots of people here that love you. Not just your music but you, the person. I’ll even promise to buy you dinner after the show. Restaurant of your choice. Pat, come! Please!
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May 07 2018
at 11:17 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton, I’d love to go to Michigan (although that would be on the very edge of how far I’m willing to travel) but the date is a conflict for me. In fact, this summer most all dates conflict.
May 01 2018
at 3:45 PM
Bookmark and Share he’s coming to ann arbor , you can always experience pure Michigan while you are here.
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