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May 03 2018
at 11:47 AM
Pat, have you, or would you, ever consider releasing some of your prior film music in a compilation record? I know in some cases the body of work was not long enough to justify a film score record of a single film, but now listening to segments of the work via the clips on this site has me curious to hear some of these works more fully (and without dialog and sound affects over them). Curious. Would others be interested in such a record/set?
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Jun 01 2018
at 11:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Stevee - Have all of those. I’m interested in some of his large catalog of other work that has never seen publication.
May 25 2018
at 10:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Get the CD’s of: Falcon & Snowman; Passagio PerIlParadiso; A Map Of the World. There may be others, but these three do take music from the film and he expands them all - great stuff.
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