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SUBJECT: "Orchestrion Project" and "Unity Sessions" sequencing Back to Subjects
May 30 2018
at 11:14 AM
Two of my favorite PM releases ever, although for some reason the track sequencing seemed a bit strange to me after a while. So I did my own, and offer them here for the consideration of all Pat Fans with too much spare time... The Orchestrion Project Disc 1: 1. Unity Village 2. Improvisation #1 3. Antonia 4. Orchestrion 5. Entry Point 6. 80/81-Broadway Blues Disc 2: 1. Expansion 2. Soul Search 3. Spirit Of The Air 4. Sueno Con Mexico 5 Stranger In Town 6. Tell Her You Saw Me 7. Improvisation #2 The Unity Sessions Disc 1: 1.Come And See 2. Roofdogs 3. This Belongs To You 4. Police People 5. Two Folk Songs (#1) 6. Adagia 7. Sign Of The Season 8. Rise Up Disc 2: 1.Cherokee 2. Go Get It 3. Geneology 4. On Day One 5. Born 6. Kin 7. Medley
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Sep 29 2018
at 7:50 PM
Bookmark and Share There’s a story about the sequencing. It’s alphabetical. A happy accident accepted as a good sequence! Beautiful chance procedure actually, if you know of John Cage, you may know he used chance and a composition tool.
Jun 07 2018
at 10:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Chris! "Random Play" generally doesn’t make it, for me. An album is kind of like watching a movie, so I wouldn’t "random play" tracks of a record any more than I would scenes in a movie. That’s not to say that if I know a movie well I might not eventually start thinking along the lines of Armchair Director - "If I had directed this film I would have put THIS scene before THAT one", etc. - which is pretty much what I’ve done here with the track sequencing. Anyone who saw the Orchestrion or Unity Group tours might notice that my sequencing is not unlike how the live shows were structured. Just playing "Armchair Executive Producer". No harm done. :D Peace from Porkopolis...
Chris Digger
Jun 04 2018
at 6:43 PM
Bookmark and Share What the heck? Why donĀ“t you use the RANDOM PLAY button?
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