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Jun 02 2018
at 3:51 PM
I’ve always thought that Farmers Trust is one of Pat’ s favorite songs to play. Obviously he would never reveal a favorite tune, but he has recorded the song with multiple people, so I’m thinking that the song reflects his Midwest roots to the rest of the world in a way everyone can appreciate.
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Jun 03 2018
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share i remember when i first heard pat . . . . . . i’m from missouri also, and used to go w/a girl that was from lee’s summit . . . . . right away, i recognized the ’rural’ aspect of his musicality and it has always been almost my favorite thing about his stuff (if such a thing can be said - haha) . . . . . ’farmer’s trust’ is a gem of modern rural music . . . . . . love it dearly.
Jun 02 2018
at 5:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I read in an interview where he was talking extensively about playing and recording with the great Jim Hall that Farmers Trust had a very special meaning to him. And it does to me too as it was one of the first Pat ballads I ever heard. I have since been moved by so many.
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