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Jun 13 2018
at 12:21 AM
My favorite PMG album right now. .... My Imaginary Day CD got stuck in my 9 yr old car CD player and I’ve been listening to it everyday !! Interesting, I’ve come to appreciate every tune in the album. Especially ’Heat of the Day’ which I blast at high volume. But perhaps it was also the most interesting, intellectually, of PMG albums. So, I Wiki searched the album. This was ’ world fusion’ bringing in many cultural music themes. Here’s Wiki description. ::::: The album leans heavily toward world fusion, drawing upon a variety of global influences. Indonesian styles are particularly pronounced, with Balinese gamelan music appearing in "Imaginary Day" and "Into the Dream". "The Heat of the Day" demonstrates repetitive hints of Iranian folk music. Imaginary Day also showcases the Group’s first (and thus far, only) forays into rock music and drum and bass with "The Roots of Coincidence". In "The Awakening", the album concludes with strongly Gaelic melodies.
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Jul 13 2018
at 12:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Thirdwind. ... Totally agree with your analysis, an album which probably reached out too far the general audience but for people like us it in teasingly becomes a very intricate and far reaching album artistically. Also relevant was the cast ... I think the last appearance of Wertico, Ledford, Alias and Blamires in PMG ... great artists. And the originality of each tune is unmistakeable. As I said fate would have it that it stays on my car CD player and I e never tired of it.
Jul 12 2018
at 7:30 AM
Bookmark and Share good point, thirdwind . . . . i think ’the awakening’ would, indeed, be a terrific piece for the orchestrion . . . . have always loved that song, but bemoaned that it was not a ’live’ vehicle for PMG . . . . . i like the ’calliope’ comparison thatcha made, too!
Jul 10 2018
at 11:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Every song on ID seems to come from a different place. It could have easily been called "International Day," flowing easily from Asian to Irish, flamenco to Techno, like no other. IN just the first few songs we get the debut of the Pikasso, a synth solo played on an acoustic flattop fretless guitar, and a smooth jazz-esque pop song played in all harmonics. "The Awakening" always grabs me with its rolling, steam-calliope sound, perfect piano solo and pulsing bagpipes at the end. Never played live, but it would have been a great piece for the Orchestrion, wouldn’t it?
Jun 14 2018
at 6:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut. ... Now that’s a good one !! ::)). I proudly say I’ve never touched Kenny G or Yanni albums, which are rightly described as smooth pablum for the masses. Back to ID, in the late 90s I was a little lukewarm about the album and it seems to take some intense listening to really appreciate it. Now, it’s my daily fare and I never seem to tire of it.
Jun 13 2018
at 7:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Yo patsfan: ID has been the hardest for me to appreciate over the years, but I did listen to it recently and found a lot to like, for sure. Pat’s synth solo on "The Heat of the Day" is pretty amazing. Hey, at least you didn’t get Yanni or Kenny G stuck in your CD player!
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