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SUBJECT: Is Pat Ever Going to Release Another CD? Back to Subjects
Jun 29 2018
at 9:01 PM
I’ve read somewhere that Pat has something like 10 releases in the can, but three years have passed since his last recording without him putting anything new out. Just wondering if a new release or multiple releases are coming sometime in 2018. Would especially like to hear how he sounds with his latest group. Cheers.
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Sep 22 2018
at 6:25 PM
Bookmark and Share AV: Is a new album in the works? PM: Like many musicians, I am trying to figure out exactly what the future of recorded music is as the music business changes. At the moment I have five completed albums that I have not put out yet as I am waiting to see where things are going. All of them are very different and I look forward to a time I can release them in a great way for people to enjoy.
Sep 08 2018
at 6:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Well put, mole. Of course, I don’t really know what’s going on with Pat and the future of his releases, but I will say this: It can be rather difficult to feel hopeful or creative in this period of political upheaval and foolish, ignorant, childish leadership. Some artists may claim that this kind of distress bolsters creativity, which may be true for some. In all likelihood Pat is well above the fray of politics, as he often looks to the future in his talks, and his music is certainly timeless and his catalogue one for the ages. So thanks for your thoughtful comments, Mr. Sandal.
Sep 07 2018
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share maybe just listen to the albums that have already been released to the public up to this point . . . . . . . myriad listenings of any of them couldn’t even begin to reveal every single treasure that lies within, as am sure you know . . . . . . . . . i think in one way, pat, and many other such prolific artists, have already ’put out enough records’ . . . . . . i respectfully and humbly do not believe that record albums are something that these folks are ’obligated’ to produce . . . . i see them as ’gifts’, and do not think we would have the ’right’ to ask for them . . . . . we all want to hear ’new recorded stuff’ from pat, and others, but until i’ve completely & 100percent digested all of the previous stuff, i guess that i’ll just have to ’lump it’ - haha!! (and i’ve been listening intensely/devotedly to PM since 1976!!)
Sep 07 2018
at 2:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Perhaps Pat doesn’t recognize the magnitude of his legacy. This guy’s music has been an integral part of my life. I’ve had the great fortune of traveling all over the world and his songs remind me of so many places, moods, textures, events, seasons and on and on. It’s the bulk of what I always listen to. Just as sports superstars want to win championships, Pat’s legacy should be to produce the finest works he can with the time he has left. Touring is great, but make up on a very small percentage of his fans, who can’t afford or are geographically incapable of seeing him live.
Sep 03 2018
at 6:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I think he’s just really enjoying touring right now. I’m hoping that there will be at least 2-3 releases from Pat before the end of 2018.
Aug 15 2018
at 9:17 AM
Bookmark and Share From my little corner of the world, it can be frustrating to only be able to experience new stuff from my favourite artist in live shows. He doesn`t visit Norway that often, and for me there is a whole lot of time and money involved in a trip to the US...:-) So, a brand new, shortly-to-be-released, group album would be just fine, thank you!
Aug 14 2018
at 10:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Stand by for news. Trust me.
Aug 07 2018
at 4:06 PM
Bookmark and Share That’s disturbing. To think that one of the most successful and acclaimed musicians of our time has new work sitting on the shelf because of business reasons... that’s a great failure of the marketplace, and an aesthetic tragedy. I know that album sales are suffering, but other artists are still releasing them. Bill Frisell, for instance, has put out four albums in his own name since 2014, plus many side gigs. Every unknown artist I hear tries to sell me their latest CD. So this is hard to understand. Pat’s made great records in a few hours’ studio time (on ECM), and he’s made costly, ambitious projects (like Orchestrion). Some way or another, it seems like he could put out a record if he wanted to. I’d surely buy it! Maria Schneider, a composer and bandleader who I place on the same high shelf as PM, had many delays in getting new work released. Now she’s with ArtistShare, a subscription model that gives access to rehearsals and other bonus material that give fans a look at the work at it evolves. I’d be delighted to buy into that kind of arrangement supporting Metheny’s music. I’m sure he’s had a chance to consider that, too, so I remain befuddled and disappointed by this long hiatus.
Aug 05 2018
at 4:38 AM
Bookmark and Share From a recent interview in the Berkshire Eagle: Q. What projects are you working on currently? New album coming out soon? A. I have several really exciting records done at the moment and, like many musicians, am wrestling with the realities of what recordings mean in today’s world. Touring and playing gigs has always been the primary destination for me. As an improvising musician, it is what you can get to night to night that is the actual final "product" of your efforts. Early on, I think I thought the records were more like an ad to get people to come to the gig. But I really appreciate now that they turn out to be much more than that. But nevertheless, I am already pretty well acclimated to the way things are set up now in the "new" music business where it is really mostly only about live performance anymore. That is basically the way I have always approached it anyway.
Jul 12 2018
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share naut - that’s exactly why that i frequently use the ’ha’ bit . . . . i didn’t used to, but people would often not ’get it’ when i was doing tongue-in-cheek, or whatever, and so in order not to have any confusion, nor the oh-so-dreaded ’misunderstanding’ with the ones who ’don’t listen well’, i have resorted to using the ’ha’, and all that . . . . i’d rather not, because my mother used to use ’ha’ ALL THE TIME when she would write me letters, and i always kind of didn’t dig it, but i’d rather do that than having recipients of my info think that i was being serious when i was just joking around . . . . . btw, i thought what you wrote was hilarious, especially the ’wes-wannabe’ thingie, and i’ll bet pat would chuckle at it, too! . . . . . . . let’s hear it for ’elevated humor’!!!
Jul 10 2018
at 11:45 AM
Bookmark and Share I was just now pondering this question on another forum. It’s been four years since the last all-new Unity Band album came. That debut concert for his composition with the L.A Guitar Quartet was almost two years ago, and it’s still not available, I don’t think. Not that Pat owes anything more, but I’d certainly like to hear more. He’s my favorite composer, after all. At this rate, I won’t live to hear those ten albums! This kind of dry spell has no precedent in his long career, and I can hardly even speculate why. The last US Unity Group tour, almost two years ago, had two or three new songs (and at least one new wild, intense guitar sound), but without recordings to back them up, even Pat’s robust melodies don’t sink in. If you’ve seen the PMUG lately, how much new material was played?
Jul 09 2018
at 3:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Ah, come on, folks. Who wants another mediocre album from a washed-up, has-been Wes-wannabe who’s only been toodling along for the past forty years, barely getting by artistically and musically? ME! That’s who! (Ha! as mole would say.) -- I didn’t get to see the Evening quartet either, but they’re making a swing through my neck of the woods in autumn, so I hope to catch them then--maybe twice if I’m lucky. (BTW, that first part was a joke; I say this for the benefit of those who sit in judgment.)
Jul 09 2018
at 7:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Let’s not get greedy folks.
Jul 03 2018
at 10:41 PM
Bookmark and Share You know. .... Pat has produced so many great albums in the past 40 years that I can’t believe that it’s possible to produce anything better. But I’m looking forward to his next album and a whole new dimension .. that he seems to conjure up repeatedly.
Jun 30 2018
at 10:30 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m hoping for another recording to add to his already massive output. The usual fan wanting even more! I’m anxious for a release with his "Evening with Pat Metheny" band. It’s the only show I had to miss in 35 years. But, I’ll take anything because I know it’s all great!
Jun 30 2018
at 9:40 AM
Bookmark and Share am likewise looking forward to a new pat album with the current touring quartet . . . . have not heard one note of their stuff, but can’t wait!
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