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Jul 16 2018
at 6:20 PM
A few days ago, I had the ocassion to attend to an Evening with Pat Metheny in Madrid. He had been around with the same band in may 2017 but this time, although the structure of both shows was similar, they didn’t play none of the songs they did then, except maybe the opening couple of tunes which match and work so well to open a show. <p> I won’t spoil de tracks they did, I’ll only say that they played unexpected gems along with more popular songs in wonderful and sometimes also emotional new approaches. Everybody on the bad was on fire, everybody had lots of sapce to show their skills, and a duel in a particular song between Antonio and Linda was outstanding, and everybody attending didn’t move a muscle. Gwilym Simcock is maybe the musician more restrained in the band, but man, he is pure sensibilty. He punctuates some songs just beautifully. For once, as a request of the speaker, nobody used their phones during the concert, and the playing was so intense and sensitive, that a group of three people I had behind praising just everything, finally shut their mouths up by the middle of the concert, je, je. <p> If we add all this to a sold out open air venue in a botanical garden, on a night of perfect summer temperature we have another night to remember, something quite usual when Pat is around.
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Jul 17 2018
at 11:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the description of an ideal summer night in Madrid with Pat’s group which I think is unparalleled in their originality and musicality. It’s a great preview for me when they come to California. Cheers !!
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