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Oct 01 2018
at 6:21 AM
As billed the show at Stony Brook was a walk through the real book for lack of a better term, thoroughly mined the ECM years -- hearing those early compositions reinterpreted by new players was really special. The playing was exceptional, Pat was generous, giving each musician plenty of room to showcase. Linda May Han Oh is an excellent bass player....worth seeing on her own...and Antonio lays down such a steady beat all night, playing double bass drums and all, pretty remarkable. Gwilym is an interesting player as well.....the highlight was a set of duets,,,,,and the rave w/ drums/space all rolled into one for those who were on the bus. This was first Metheny show in years, it was like a homecoming, and I am certainly glad to have been there. You will be too. Don’t miss it.
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Oct 18 2018
at 2:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Naut- What’s the Evening Quartet? Metheny-related?
Oct 17 2018
at 10:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank .... can’t help myself, what the heck is a GOAT jazz guitar musician ? Nothing to do with the Lions. .... and goats aren’t very admired in most circles, poor underrated animals as they are !
Oct 16 2018
at 9:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry we kind of usurped your message, Sirahborn. At least you got us talking. -- In reference to your "separate thought," patsfan, Pat might very well go down in history as the most touring musician of all time. I can’t think of anyone at the moment who tours as much or in as many places as Mr. Metheny. It’s simple astounding. -- Going to see the Evening Quartet tomorrow night. Will be around the 25th time I’ve seen Pat. Kind of lost count by now. I really do deeply love the guy, like a brother.
Oct 15 2018
at 5:14 PM
Bookmark and Share naut: Chicago show may be the exception as Friday’s show at Chicago Theatre’s capacity is 3600. I opted to go th Madison WI (UW) for 1165 seat hall. Pat usually plays at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall (2522 seats) and always fills every seat. I think he is at the mercy of some cities having smaller venues. Madison show felt very intimate.
Oct 15 2018
at 11:05 AM
Bookmark and Share I was lucky to have been a Detroit Lions fan where Barry Sanders played. Pat is like that. I think he is GOAT jazz guitar musician.
Oct 14 2018
at 12:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Naut, enjoy the Denver concert this Wed, I’ll be doing the same next Wed at the Crest.! Your observation re the audience size is significant ... I think when it gets well over 1000, you get a lot of clueless fans who are there because they bought season tickets or want a night out.etc etc I remember a night at the Mondavi where at half time , many of the stodgy audience went home to bed. It was very obvious. On a separate thought , it is amazing to me Pat performs every single night without a break, Portland to Sac to San Diego , etc. The logistics are amazing. He covers a good part of the world that way.
Oct 12 2018
at 2:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Maybe Pat is keeping shows to occupancy under a thousand. Jackson Hall holds 1800; the Crest seats 975. The Newman in Denver seats 970, and Boulder Theater holds 850. Over the years, I’ve seen him in small clubs (many years ago) that hold 200 to large venues like Red Rocks that seat many thousand. One thing I’ll say: ticket prices for Metheny shows have been in the sixty-five dollar range for the past decade or so, if not longer, which is more than reasonable. I’m just hoping the weather is good, and that snow doesn’t make travel hazardous, as it did on the Unity Group tour, which I finally caught when they rolled through Denver on the last leg of that tour. I’m grateful the Evening Quartet is coming back to the neighborhood this year. Enjoy the show, patsfan!
Oct 11 2018
at 11:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Naut, caught your message and nice to know your Mom is in Sacramento (Sac-a-tomatoes , as we call it here in the Peoples Republic of Davis). A little disappointed that it was Crest, not Mondavi theater at UCDavis ... I’m am very down on the Mondavi for having very minimal good jazz. Crest is an old theater and a little pricy ....and of course the parking/traffic problem .. Anyways, looking forward to it a lot !
Oct 09 2018
at 5:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m trying to get my mom to go to that show in Sac, patsfan. The Crest looks like a very cool theatre to see Pat & Co. in. If you see my mom there, don’t blame her for birthing this old nauthead. She did her best, and she’s made it to 83!
Oct 03 2018
at 11:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Sirah ... looking forward to the concert in Sacramento later in the month. I saw the same group in SF and totally impressed .... and appreciate reliving the PM tunes that impressed us so much 20-40 years ago.
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