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SUBJECT: How about a live album with the current lineup? Back to Subjects
Oct 10 2018
at 2:43 PM
Would love a live album of the current band with Antonio, Lina May Han Oh and Gwilym Simcock. (I know there are other unreleased albums from Pat in the can, but he has played with these guys last couple of years so a live album would be a great addition)
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Nov 13 2018
at 5:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I vote for a live album and a studio album with new songs !
Oct 16 2018
at 7:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Saw them three times on this tour. I would love it!
Oct 15 2018
at 10:33 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m with you here. I posted in the other thread that they did a studio album of all new songs but a live album would be great also.
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