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Oct 12 2018
at 9:28 AM
I am still basking in the glow of the fabulous concert last night. What a show for a packed house. I hadn’t heard anything about any new music for this tour,and wasn’t sure what to expect. I was quite surprised that the entire show consisted of classic Metheny tunes. He and Antonio Sanchez were on fire, as usual. Without a doubt, the greatest guitarist and drummer in the world today. He had 2 new faces with him: a young bassist Linda Oh and a stunning new pianist named Gwilym Simock. If Horowitz and Lyle Mays had a baby, it would be Gwilym! As Pat put it, "Usually when we do a tour, we write new music, cut a record, and go on tour. I thought it would be fun to play existing music and see what these guys had to say." Well, they had a LOT to say about it. I was waiting for Pat to make his political statement with a rendition of "This is Not America." He did not disappoint, and he poured his soul into that solo acoustic tune. Thanks Pat, I needed that. Another magical night of the genius of Pat Metheny. Pat-- you NEVER disappoint. Thank you once again, for filling this world with beauty.
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Oct 12 2018
at 2:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw that show, too. WONDERFUL!! Gorgeous theater, great music, what an evening. The first encore of Pat playing a different-from-previous medley on nylon-string full-body single cutaway guitar was outstanding. (It looked like a twin of his new "electric" that he’s using instead of the Ibanez prototype he played for years.) Then, ending with Song For Bilbao. Lots of back-catalog stuff that the new members covered beautifully.
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