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Oct 15 2018
at 10:31 AM
Just picked up an album Peter Green - Man of the World - An Anthology 1968 - 1988 . Any Peter Green fans here ?
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Oct 23 2018
at 11:25 AM
Bookmark and Share My favorites are Black Magic Woman and The Green Manalishi . I read that he battled drug additions post Fleetwood Mac and also that many other guitarists have sited him as an influence.
Oct 23 2018
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Check out “In The Skies” 1979. My favorite PG recording
Oct 19 2018
at 9:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Huge Peter Green fan Frank. One of the greats and a typically tragic Fleetwood Mac guitarist. Always feel pre- BuckNicks Mac was underappreciated. His version of Need Your Love So Bad is British Blues at its best. There’s some great live video of him back in the day out there on the web. IMHO, ranks right up there with Clapton, Page, Beck, Gallagher, etc.
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