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Nov 02 2018
at 12:17 AM
Caught 3 shows of the current tour: Chicago, Brookfield, and Madison, where I live. I have a separate post for Madison. First was the iconic Chicago Theater, the largest of the three venues with a likely capacity of about 3,000.  I didn’t look upstairs to see how full it was but I believe it was sold out or nearly so on the ground level. I was tenth row right so I had a very good view and fine sound. The theatre is of the drinking kind; that is, folks are allowed to bring alcohol etc into the seated area . I personally don’t like such a policy. For one thing, it is irritating to have people getting up and down during the performance to get a drink. Secondly it often leads to drunken shouting. Fortunately I didn’t notice any that night. Anyway, it was thoroughly enjoyable to see the band cover older material. I recognized all the songs except one, having been a listener since 1979 when the American Garage album first came out. It was an excellent set before an excited audience. Each band member played at a high level as would be expected. I hadn’t seen Gwylim or Linda before and both added much to the show. It was fun to see Pat perform three separate duets with each band member. There was also a thoroughly enjoyable back and forth between Antonio and Linda on one tune among the highlights. The Brookfield venue was much smaller, perhaps not even 1,000 and one I had never been in before. 17 years old and very pleasant. It’s located in a park outside town and Pat joked that it was unusual to play in a field! Pat’s mom was from Manitowoc, WI, and he spoke amusingly about his summer trips up here when growing up. His mom had friends in Brookfield and they’d stop there to visit so he was familiar with the area. It was a sold out show but I managed to score a third row center seat at the last minute by showing up early after attending the Chicago set the night before. I sat next to the wife of the guy who gave it up; he wasn’t feeling well. The woman was in her early 70s and told me they were season ticket holders and saw a wide range of music there (and therefore not a Pat fan.) As a smaller facility in need of public support it seemed to have a decent number of such folks. It was a supportive crowd but not as in tune with jazz etiquette and a number of solos went unacknowledged. Still a great pleasure to be there and after seeing Pat nearly 40 times it was a treat to be up close again.
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