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Nov 16 2018
at 2:48 PM
this is available on this website for all who would be interested . . . . . it’s over an hour and a half in length, so there will be folks who ’won’t have time’ to take all of it in, but for the ones of us who do ’live to listen’, it’s a thing of rare beauty in this depleted age . . . . . at one point, pat talks about that we can go out and buy books about ’harmony’, or ’orchestration’, or ’rhythm’, but that there aren’t really many books about that elusive thing called ’melody’, the narrative thread of the musical world . . . . i hadn’t heard anyone talk about melody in that way, and leave it to pat to bring it home for all who are listening . . . . . anyway, highly recommended.
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Jun 02 2019
at 12:26 AM
Bookmark and Share A revisit to this totally unique honor for Pat to speak at length to a major science conference . All I can say is this has never, never happened to a musician .. the huge respect for Pat’s creativity was recognized. Go to YouTube and listen !! A little lengthy but Pat gives this scientific audience a great insight into musical perception. The only negative is that on YouTube all Pat’s works were blocked out due to copyright restrictions.
Dec 19 2018
at 1:26 PM
Bookmark and Share i think that over the years pat has kindly said enuff to supply everybody with just ’what they need’ to be able to get to work . . . . 65percent output, 35percent input . . . . that’s my numbers, not pat’s . . . . i don’t know what pat’s are, but the fact that he’s looking to up his batting average is good enough fer this ole’ ballplayer - haha!
Dec 18 2018
at 10:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Turns out Pat really doesn’t say precisely when he writes in his journal. To quote the Master: "Over the past 35 years I’ve kept a journal of every day of every concert. It’s been an ongoing quest for me, not only to understand music, but to do my best to up my batting average by being able to get to my really good stuff as an improviser through study of what is going on around the music." I’d still like to read that puppy, but I imagine it’s pretty private, and you have to respect that.
Dec 04 2018
at 8:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey mole, I picked up a copy of a Picador paperback of "The Glass Bead Game" per your rec. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but hopefully soon, maybe when I’ve knocked out a few of the other titles residing on the top shelf of an overflowing bookcase. Will let you know how I find it when I’m into or done with it. / Yo patsfan, how was the Evening Quartet concert at the Crest? Didn’t see you at the Garage for a while after that show. Hope you made it. Did you wear your striped Pat shirt? hehe Give us a short review if you feel like it.
Dec 01 2018
at 2:30 PM
Bookmark and Share naut - i might be wrong, but i think pat said that he writes in the journal after the gig, not before it . . . like i say, maybe i heard it wrong, but anyway . . . . . yes, that hesse book (magister ludi) might be something you’d like . . . . i like his other stuff, too, but especially thissun ’cause it’s so very music-oriented . . . . . ’course, i read it about 45 years ago, so maybe i wouldn’t be so impressed now, but i think i would . . . . . it really made an impression on me, at any rate, at the time . . . . . .
Dec 01 2018
at 7:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat mentioned that he’s been keeping a journal he writes in before every concert for years. How’d you like to read that puppy!? -- I’m going to look into that book you mentioned, mole. Haven’t read Hesse in many years, probably since high school, when I read Siddhartha & Journey to the East (back in my Don Juan, the mystic not the casanova, days).
Nov 19 2018
at 3:27 PM
Bookmark and Share perhaps it’s rather like maestro joe zawinul said: ’it’s not how you play . . . it’s how you live’ . . . . . . there’s a terrific book by herman hesse called ’magister ludi/the glass bead game’, and tho it is about many, many things, a thread that runs thru it is the relationship of music and mathematics . . . . . this pairing has almost become a ’cliche’ over the years, because everybody knows that the basics of ’music theory’ can be said to be akin to ’counting on your fingers’, and it is, but this particular book dives deeply into that topic and, anyway, it’s just a fabulous book . . . . . charlie haden also said something once, and i’m probably paraphrasing here, but he said that one must be 50percent musician and 50percent anthropologist to truly achieve human greatness in music . . . . . at any rate, it went something like that - haha.
Nov 18 2018
at 8:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow !! Has this ever happened in a science conference ? As a scientist myself, I can’t begin to understsnd how music translates through the human race. I can tell you how Pat’s music translates for me , but I have gone through the last 40 years knowing that a lot of people don’t appreciate music, period, and certainly not the kind of music I do ... Pat, Sco, Christian, Bela, etc etc ... but I’ll tell ya, that music had made a huge impact on my daily life and spirit. Anyways, I’m always impressed how fluent and expressive Pat is. Maybe that relates to his genius as a musician.
Nov 17 2018
at 10:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Absolutely riveting, Pat is such an amazing and interesting speaker and the subject matter was really illuminated by the two moderators who both obviously had great affection for Pat, as did the room. Kind of frustrating to not have most of the music play or see the slides but I had my PC music player teed up to fill in the tunes. "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is indeed a lovely and very moving song. It was interesting how Pat said that mentally, during performances, his "cup was full" with his involvement in the playing and there wasn’t really any room for anything else, it was just this sort of space where he was, as he said, aware of performing but also observing the performance. I think is an area where you could get some very interesting MRI/brain image stuff. He did go on to say though, in terms of the music/soul connection, there was much he didn’t know.
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