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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Side Eye - On Tour US Spring 2019 Back to Subjects
Dec 07 2018
at 1:30 PM
check it out on the main page - please come to Detroit !
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Sep 07 2019
at 10:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Enjoyed the Concert last night in Champaign. Pat & his guest musicians were awesome.
Jul 20 2019
at 12:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I just bought at ticket to Pat’s show at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. Pat’s agent told me that would be the only Chicago area gig for this tour. I got a great seat, center seat thirteen rows back on Main Floor. I got the seat I wanted. Should be a great show.
Jun 12 2019
at 11:29 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught three out of four of Pat’s AIR that year in Detroit. I missed Pat with Ron Carter due to a fall and packed venue. All three shows were great. I was going to go back this year, but Stanley Clarke not on my Must See List.
Jun 04 2019
at 5:57 PM
Bookmark and Share turns out he is bringing side eye to Detroit as part of the Labor Day jazz festival, while it is free it is a shorter set. He also is performing a duet with Ron Carter. Stanley Clarke is the artist in residence. Remember Pat was AIR two years ago here.
May 27 2019
at 11:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Naut, I share your anxiety ... that the tour might skip the Western US. But I am confidant ... first, your concern is being heard .... second, it always happens in the fall . Meanwhile, be confidant it will happen .. Cheers !
May 23 2019
at 7:25 AM
Bookmark and Share European dates for May 2020 have been posted. Still nothing in the western US, but at least these new dates show that Pat’s Side Eye will be touring a year from now. I’m continually hoping, with bated breath, that the Trio returns to the Rocky Mountain region.
Apr 16 2019
at 9:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Many thanks to all you folks for sharing your reviews of the Side Tour. Great fun to read. I just wish the Trio was coming to my neck of the woods. But alas, there’s nothing on the schedule for now. Maybe on future legs of their travels....
Apr 12 2019
at 6:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Drove from Atlanta to the Savannah show. Brilliant. I too was surprised (shouldn’t have been) by the metal detector but more surprised by gray hair and fellow geezers! I had no idea we were growing so old. I’d love to see more millennials digging this music. As for the concert, early on there was a distracting buzz in one of the keyboard lines. I wanted Pat to speak to the crowd, and he never did until the very end. But in the process of the set list I became a young again, as I do at great concerts. The music just seemed to get better and better until it achieved full liftoff on Question and Answer at the end. That may have been the most ethereal moment at a Pat concert for me. It’s a great tune for trio jazz anyway, but it built and built, then had an amazing double-ending, the thunder and then the quiet after the storm. Hard to describe. He did a cover of Michael Brecker I only later identified from another show’s set list. One on the Pikasa I didn’t know. And two really intriguing tunes new to me: one an out and out rock ballad you might have expected at a classic Clapton concert; and a smoky, down-dirty blues. It was great to hear Pat test the bounds of a guitar, keys, and drum threesome with so many different things. Always something new. As for the new guys, this drummer is savage. I thought Sanchez was a scary dude. This guy brings the rage, and it makes Pat that much better. Pat seemed to come to him and play off him all evening. And the guy is theatrical, so the audience soaks it up. Francies is great, of course, but I could have done with a more extended showing of his gifts. I’ll be buying his album. His back to the audience, he supported his bandmates admirably, but might have deserved a tad more of the spotlight. It was odd that Pat never spoke at all until the ending. I really wanted ID on a couple of those tunes. I’ll be haunting set list sites to figure it out. In the meantime, thanks for being my fountain of youth, Mr. M.
Apr 12 2019
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share The Pittsburgh show was everything I could have hoped for. I ended up in 1st row, about five feet in front of Nate Smith and ten away from Pat. The stage was just 5-6 inches high and I could see the whites of their eyes.That spot was worth it just to watch them communicate. The playing was spectacular, the sold crowd was deeply involved. Great stuff
Mar 28 2019
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I was at the show last night in Fairfield, CT. not to be too dramatic, but it really was magical. so many old tunes brought to new life w/ this trio. Pat was in great form, seemed especially excited to be playing with James Francies (keyboard, piano) and drummer Nate Smith. Francies also doubled up withy some kind of keyboard bass--that sounded really really convincing. Occasionally he had to abandon the bass to tend to other things with both hands! A lot of interesting stuff happening within the framework of the old tunes. A couple I did not recognize, maybe new stuff he’s debuting with this trio. One tune absolutely rocked out with pat on the synth-guitar, that really ignited the crowd, hard to bring them down again after that. Francies very very accomplished on multiple keyboards. I’m not sure why, but I never imagined I would see Pat share the stage with a Hammond organ. But, there it was, and the real thing w/ the Leslie speaker and all. Sadly just used it for a couple tunes, and pretty restrained. I imagine he COULD tear that thing up. Very full house, may have ben sold out. Lots of people standing. Great venue but very open to both bar and exit/entry so lots of unnecessary noise most of the time. In some of the quieter moments people seemed to actually make the effort to shut the fuck up, biggest offender was probably the bar staff clanging around bottles, gas canisters. Go with an open mind (don’t expect "PMG") and enjoy!
Mar 27 2019
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Great show in Fairfield CT!! Also going to one of his CT/MA in May!
Mar 26 2019
at 4:46 PM
Bookmark and Share What a show in Pittsburgh Sunday night! I won’t spoil it with a setlist, but they played for nearly two and a half hours all music, hardly any talking. Very high quality show. If you have a chance to see this show, even if you have to drive a few hours, by all means go. Highly recommended!
Mar 26 2019
at 7:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Well mole, sometimes trying to follow your thoughts is like trying to snatch one of those buzzing bugs barehanded from the air. I like it though. But I am serious with my question. There can be some funky connotations in the phrase "side eye," yet without going there I’m still rather in the dark just what is meant in the context of this new tour. No matter; it will all undoubtedly become clearer to me over time. BTW, I hope your mom uses Dawn; it’s the best.
Mar 25 2019
at 1:50 PM
Bookmark and Share i dunno naut, but it works pretty well, eh? just kind of a ’cool’ concept, or whatever . . . . . ’ . . . my mother washes the dishes BEFORE she puts them in the dishwasher . . . . so WHAT DOES THE DISHWASHER DO???? . . . ’. . . maybe it’s that kind o’ thing - just sumpin’ that rolls off the tongue right, could it be? so whatever ’side-eye’ is, it’s better than watching the news or rolling up newspapers to wield against aggressively flying insects.
Mar 24 2019
at 4:41 AM
Bookmark and Share What does "side eye" mean in this context?
Mar 18 2019
at 1:28 PM
Bookmark and Share I have my tix for Pittsburgh 3/24 and am chomping at the bit. It’s been almost 14yrs since I last saw Pat (with Christian McBride, Antonio and David Sanchez). This Side Eye project sounds way cool. I’ve seen Nate Smith w/Dave Holland(an all-time favorite show) and am way interested in James Francies on keys and exactly how they handle bass lines. I could dig a modern take on the organ trio w/synth and electronic keys added
Mar 11 2019
at 1:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I also live in Atlanta and am driving to Knoxville for the show. The Bijou Theatre is an incredible venue, and Knoxville is closer than Savannah.
Mar 09 2019
at 9:49 AM
Bookmark and Share I wish they could come to Atlanta as the last stop on the tour. Savannah is an awesome place for Pat and team to play but it will take some planning for me to drive 5 hours from Atlanta area.
Dec 17 2018
at 10:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Hopefully he will find some time to finish the studio album he did recently.
Dec 08 2018
at 12:37 PM
Bookmark and Share He’s coming to Savannah GA. First time ever. Got the tickets.
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