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Dec 20 2018
at 8:54 PM
Wow ... 26 concerts in 14 days at the Blue Note in Tokyo. Can’t blame Pat, a great place to hang your hat. Probably many of his most admiring fans. I’m really interested in the new group and hope to hear them in the coming year year. Any feedback appreciated !
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Jan 13 2019
at 8:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Tokyo fans ! .. and there must be thousands of you . Let us know about the new group !! The music, is it old Pat tunes? What’s the flavor ? Cheers !!
Jan 05 2019
at 1:32 PM
Bookmark and Share I was under the impression that this won’t be a regular group but that Pat will be playing with a number of younger musicians. from the page - Pat explains “I wanted to create an ongoing setting to feature a rotating cast of new and upcoming musicians who have particularly caught my interest along the way.” I personally wouldn’t think of Nate Smith as either new or upcoming but he is great.
Jan 03 2019
at 11:26 PM
Bookmark and Share I have heard a lot of good things about James Francies. I finally caught him live as a sideman and was very impressed. Nate Smith is a great drummer. He has been in many of Dave Holland and Chris Potter bands. I hope that trio comes to Chicago.
Jan 03 2019
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share would that be patsfan-sun ?
Dec 25 2018
at 9:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Naut ... Merry Xmas . I’m very curious how this group s going to sound, and if there are new compositions etc.. Any predictions ? I’m definitely going if they come to the Wesr Coast. Oh yes, re your question re stripped shirt and the like, it’s too outside the Garage venue I’ve realized..
Dec 22 2018
at 9:36 AM
Bookmark and Share You going, patsfan?
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