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Jan 12 2019
at 8:52 PM
Since everyone’s been discussing for a while whether or not Pat will ever release any more music, lets see what everyone thinks are his top three albums of all time. Doesn’t matter if it’s group, solo, trio.. Lots of material I know, but just seeing what everyone thinks.
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Jun 12 2019
at 10:50 AM
Bookmark and Share sunship, to be fair it may have been on either the Speaking of Now tour or The Way up tour that they did that. I do remember when they finished playing all the songs from ID, Pat himself said something like WOW. The last time I saw Pat was with the Unity Band at the Detroit Jazz festival. It was short show so they didn’t Roots there. They did play "Are you going with me?" where Chis Potter played a filler flute solo at the beginning.
Jun 11 2019
at 3:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Frank Sexton, I saw the ID Tour also. It was in an outdoor venue, I sat in a huge field under a tree. I dont recall them playing in order at my show, they may have, I cant quite remember. I felt ID was a shift for the PMG, and thats why I liked it so much. Of course they evolve on every album, but ID was really something creative and fresh. My first album and show was Letter From Home. That is what got me into PMG. The show left me absolutely floored. And Secret Story? "Above The Tree Tops"? "Finding and Believing"? Wow, what a work and what a tour. That was about as big as Pat ever got.
Jun 10 2019
at 11:46 AM
Bookmark and Share sunship, those are 3 great albums, the ID tour was my first PMG concert. As a prog rocker, I particularly liked when they played Roots of Coincidence and Lyle ,Pat and Steve all strapped on guitars like rock gods. They played the whole album as part of the concert in order, which just blew me away. ECM is what got me into jazz, so that was my initial exposure. I think I had the Works and Works2 albums first.
Jun 09 2019
at 6:19 AM
Bookmark and Share 1. The Way Up 2. Travels 3. Trio -> Live
Jun 08 2019
at 6:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Not in that particular order and subject to change on a daily basis: Secret Story, As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls, We Live Here. As an encore: the track Last Train Home.
Jun 07 2019
at 1:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Im not saying these are the 3 best by PM, however, they have had the greatest impact on me. Letter From Home Secret Story Imaginary Day Hard to believe I cold leave off any of the ECM releases, but I was a little young when Pat was making noise on ECM.
May 27 2019
at 8:19 PM
Bookmark and Share 1- Secret Story 2- PMG - White Album 3 - Still Life Talking
May 22 2019
at 2:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Secret Story extends its lead and First Circle remains second !
May 22 2019
at 9:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Secret Story, Letter from home and The road to you…..
May 20 2019
at 1:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, so hard to pick just three. Again, MY faves, not "top" or "best": Secret Story, First Circle, Speaking Of Now. Then, Imaginary Day, Group, Still Life. Then, We Live Here, The Way Up, Orchestrion. Then . . . . HA!!
May 17 2019
at 6:25 PM
Bookmark and Share I can’t possibly answer this question, but here goes: Secret Story, Letter From Home, Offramp. But then there’s AFW...
Mar 20 2019
at 2:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Secret Story always and forever. Then, sometimes I enjoy some, and in other occasions others. At this moment I may say Imaginary Day and Offramp. But I could have said -The Road To You, Still Life (Talking), Kin, The White Album, The Way Up...
Mar 16 2019
at 1:00 PM
Bookmark and Share hey molesoulsandal, you’re welcome, it is fun for me to do.
Mar 14 2019
at 4:56 AM
Bookmark and Share hey franksexton . . . . thanks for keeping the ’total tally’!! it’s fun, sorta like baseball stats! it’s pretty cool that ’first circle’ is in 2nd place . . . . i don’t hear a lot o’ folks talking about it these days, but evidently it’s ’impression’ still stands . . . . . . . all right!
Mar 13 2019
at 3:44 PM
Bookmark and Share as of today (3/13) Secret Story keeps its lead , 1st Circle is now 2nd and White Album,Speaking of Now and Imaginary Day are tied for 3rd.
Mar 11 2019
at 11:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Question&Answer, Travels and Still Life
Feb 27 2019
at 2:31 PM
Bookmark and Share If I can only choose three: 1. Song XX (2005 re-release) 2. Offramp 3. Pat Metheny Group [eponymous]
Feb 23 2019
at 9:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Speaking of Now...Secret Story...Imaginary Day...As Falls Wichita SO Falls Wichita falls...
Feb 22 2019
at 1:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Travels, First Circle, Trio>Live
Feb 22 2019
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Secret Story extends it’s lead. Now do you have to distinguish between the original 1 disk release and the later 2 disk release ? now there is an 8 way tie for 2nd between : Bright Size life : Kin : Imaginary Day : 80/81 : Letter From Home : Speaking Of Now : White Album : First Circle : ****
Feb 21 2019
at 5:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Impossible to choose, but right now I’m gonna say Speaking of Now, Secret Story and Letter from Home
Feb 21 2019
at 11:07 AM
Bookmark and Share as of Feb 21 the top 3 are : Secret Story (3 votes) , 4 way tie between Bright Size life,Kin,Imaginary Day,White Album and First Circle.
Feb 08 2019
at 6:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Bright Size Life, Secret Story, Kin .....just barely in front of Imaginary Day, Still Life (Talking) , 80/81 which just barely squeak by Letter From Home, Trio 99>00, Offramp.....but hard to leave out The White Album, PMUB Black Album and First Circle.....
Feb 08 2019
at 10:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Imaginary Day, Speaking of Now, Letter From Home - Imaginary Day for Roots of Coincidence, Speaking of Now for You and Letter from Home for Dream of the Return. Vidala (English translation) Artist: Pat Metheny Featuring artist: Pedro Aznar Song: Vidala Translations: Dutch, English English translation (Not Vidala) Dream of the Return Dream of The Return Music: Pat Metheny - Vocals: Pedro Aznar I tossed a poem to the sea that took with it my questions and my voice Like a slow ship it got lost in the spray I asked it not to return without having seen the open sea and in dreams telling me of its visions. Even if it didn’t return I would know if it arrived. Travel the whole life on the blue calm or foundering in storms little matters the way if some port awaits I waited so long for the message that I forgot to return to the sea and thus I lost the poem I cried to the heavens all my rancor I finally found it written in the sand like a prayer The sea beat in my veins and set my heart free
Feb 07 2019
at 9:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Not to mention all the great recordings he’s on as a co-leader or sideman.
Feb 06 2019
at 6:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Travels, Still Life (Talking), We Live Here
Feb 06 2019
at 11:14 AM
Bookmark and Share White Album, First Circle, Still Life.
Feb 06 2019
at 7:03 AM
Bookmark and Share Oops! Forgot 80/81. Too many to choose from!
Feb 05 2019
at 2:14 PM
Bookmark and Share The White Album, Song X and Still Life (Talking).
Feb 05 2019
at 7:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat Metheny Group (the white one, you know...), Offramp and First Circle. ...oh, and Watercolors. And Upojenie.
Feb 02 2019
at 7:51 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been listening to Pat’s music everyday for 20-30 years. . My appreciation changed everyday, especially when I could compile everything on an iPod and compare everything. I like almost everything Pat has ever produced, period.
Feb 02 2019
at 1:44 PM
Bookmark and Share my pet squirrel wanted me to send in HIS three choices, so here they are, also in no particular order: ’80/81’, ’watercolors’, and ’pat metheny group’ (’the white album’, as it were)
Feb 02 2019
at 1:26 PM
Bookmark and Share here’s 3 more: ’imaginary day’, ’quartet’, and ’secret story/’the way up’/’speaking of now’ (3-way tie! - haha!)
Feb 02 2019
at 11:42 AM
Bookmark and Share That could change from day to day, maybe asking for his top 30 would be easier. I would have to qualify any list as "my favorites" rather that "top" or "best". I’ll go with Trio Live,Secret Story, and Kin.
Feb 01 2019
at 7:17 PM
Bookmark and Share impossible to say, really . . . . but just for fun, and in no particular order: ’witchita falls’, ’song X, ’first circle’
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