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Jan 13 2019
at 4:30 AM
Another highlight for me yesterday going to Antonio’s gig with his own band presenting their last CD live. What to say...For me Antonio is without any question the best drummer around. He does not play the drums, he simply makes music. It was some of the best fusion I ever heard with a fantastic interaction between the band members (what a pianoplayer!!) and his wife, simply fantastic on vocals. I was not under the impression that they improvised a lot, what made it all the more fantastic, seen the very complicated music they were playing. First tune alone was about 15 minutes where, as kind off a musician myself, you wonder how they even remember where to play what… Afterwards Antonio came out, accompanied by his wife to do a meet and greet. Made the experience even better, seen the fact that he’s such a nice and modest guy, appreciating us to like his music. If you ever get the chance to go to one of the few remaining concerts, do not hesitate!! I am still walking on clouds… Thx to Tiny Tim for reminding me Antonio was playing in my neighbourhood. I might have missed otherwise the gig of the year!
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Feb 27 2019
at 11:58 PM
Bookmark and Share I will be seeing Antonio Sanchez and Migration March 31 at SPACE in Evanston IL. I caught them last year at the Chicago Symphony Center. Excellent show and I went backstage afterwards to get Antonio to sign a drumhead (one of three).
Feb 10 2019
at 2:07 PM
Bookmark and Share My pleasure, bxl12378. Saw Migration the opening night of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2015...his wife wasn’t at that gig on vocals, but was one heck of a musical journey. In music Tiny
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