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Feb 21 2019
at 10:09 PM
Curious which artist or band you guys regret not seeing live or have yet to see and would stand in line tonight to see ? For me it’s Gary Burton in any setting.
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Mar 11 2019
at 11:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Just catching up to this thread. Great subject. I saw Joni S&L, WR in their prime 78-82, VSOP quintet in 76, Brubeck twice, DeJohnette with Directions, McLaughlin twice, Benson Breezin, Chic and RTF in 76,the Beach Boys at the Hollywood bowl in 65, and several more memorable shows. But my wish list would start with The Beatles, Miles anytime from the 50s to 60s and The Quintet with Bird Dizzy et al.
Mar 01 2019
at 1:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Would walk a thousand miles if I had a chance to see EST, miss the magic of Esbjorn to this day. Regret never seeing Sinatra, Bobby Short and Stevie Ray, should have gone when I had the opportunity. Definitely remember EWF being played pre-show from late 80s to early 90s. Also remember blissfully leaving The Orpheum in Boston after a PMG show to the sounds of the Beatle’s Good Night song.... the audience just sort of floated out the door. Perfect!
Feb 28 2019
at 4:36 PM
Bookmark and Share tafkasrp--It’s coming back to me now that you mentioned the name of the song. I played it on You tube and that was definitely the one, or at least one of them. That excited feeling of anticipation hit my Pavolvian brain!
Feb 27 2019
at 11:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat with Ornette Coleman at Pick Staiger (Northwestern University).
Feb 27 2019
at 11:31 PM
Bookmark and Share In earlier days it was Earth, Wind & FIre’s "That’s the Way Of the World" that was (always) played right before the Group took the stage. I miss that.
Feb 27 2019
at 5:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Beatles, Hendrix, Miles
Feb 26 2019
at 7:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Damn, Mole .... you read my mind ! As great a band as EWF was, I was totally unaware of them until the late 90s when their music was a prelude to Pat’s concerts ... Imaginary Day in 1997 .... and I discovered them . I could not believe I never heard The Way of The World (1975) or subsequent music until then. Love their music.
Feb 26 2019
at 6:44 PM
Bookmark and Share bobsmith1 - yes, i promise that EWF was the ’filing in’ music at virtually every PMG gig that i attended, say, between the years of 80/81 (see what i did there - haha!) to about the mid-90s . . and i attended a bunch of ’em . . . . ’course, i can’t be 100percent certain of the exact years, but it was definitely something that they did a bunch, and i would imagine that if pat were on here w/us that he would verify it out . . . . . i guess pat & lyle and the guys are big EWF fans, and that’ll work, ’cause it seems like most of us were as well . . . . . . . . . . . . always loved the remember shakti stuff and got to see them once . . . . anoushka shankar’s playing here in austin on march 9, so we’re all cranked up for that!!
Feb 26 2019
at 1:37 PM
Bookmark and Share mole--Wow I don’t remember the EWF but I believe you. I must have not retained that. I honestly don’t at all remember what was played but I guess it could well have been. This was fairly consistent through the years as you remember? That’s an amazing detail to retain and I’m now trying to think if I can remember any "waiting music" of any concert I’ve seen. I do seem to remember that the better the concert, the better this music seemed to be, I guess to kind of get you in the mood. The only super clear memory I have of this type of thing was when I saw Remember Shakti (w/ McLaughlin) in 2000. They had drone music playing from the stage as everyone filed in and got seated. It was very quiet and kind of blended into the atmosphere and the band launched quite seamlessly into the music from its tonality.
Feb 26 2019
at 5:13 AM
Bookmark and Share speaking of earth wind & fire, many of ya’ll out there might recall that in ’the old days’ as one was filing in to a PMG gig, they always had EWF blaring over the speaker system. we always dug that - it seemed that most everyone did. just a nice memory.
Feb 25 2019
at 7:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Steely Dan. ...and also Earth, Wind and Fire comes to mind
Feb 23 2019
at 4:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Joni Mitchell.
Feb 22 2019
at 6:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Lucky enough to have caught peak Weather Report, many PMG gigs, Freddie Hubbard, McCoy Tyner, Herbie, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Breckers etc. But never caught Joni Mitchell which is a shame. Never thought I’d see Miles but saw him four or five times in the end; never thought I’d see Steely Dan but now seen three Dan gigs and about to see fourth. The gig I should have seen but always regretted missing was Eddie Cleanhead Vinson. He was playing in Swansea, Wales, just one mile from my then house but I didn’t go because of a girl. I later bought a few of his albums and realised I’m totally in with his playing and sound.
Feb 22 2019
at 1:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Trane, Miles Davis mid-60’s Quintet w/Hancock, Shorter, Williams and Carter
Feb 22 2019
at 4:49 AM
Bookmark and Share eric dolphy
Feb 22 2019
at 4:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Dave Holland with Kevin Eubanks and Chris Potter
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