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Apr 03 2019
at 8:25 AM
Any forum members attending the aforementioned show on 4/9/19 ? Bought tickets the second they went on pre sale and the best we could get was row 3 center. This will be my first PM concert at a small venue (480 seats). Hoping I get to shake Pat’s hand and thank him for his compositions which have been an intimate part of my life for 35+ years.
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Apr 25 2019
at 11:27 AM
Bookmark and Share I attended this show. I’m living in California but happened to have plans to be in Jacksonville that day, so picked up a ticket. Great, small venue, great sound. The music was great. Hearing so many old tunes reworked for the trio setting, in one case even in a different time signature (I think) was fun. Shows just how flexible Pat’s music is. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen Pat but it has to be well over 20 and he never disappoints.
Apr 12 2019
at 7:24 AM
Bookmark and Share yo rickys - couldn’t agree more about that pat ’trio-live’ double album! indeed, ’question & answer’ just burns it down, as does that outer space oddity called ’faith healer’ . . . . ’counting texas’ is also an idiosyncratic wipe-out, eh? and the version of ’soul cowboy’ on there is very much a ’sumpin’ else’-type groove fest . . . . and you’re right - you don’t hear a lot of ’yak’ about that record, but it surely do deserve it, doesn’t it!
Apr 11 2019
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Attended this show….first time I ever had to go through a metal detector scan at a Pat concert…..sign of the times I guess.….Pat was the highlight for me, watching him navigate the complex chord arrangements of his older tunes with lightening speed….I recognized every tune but 2. One acoustic ballad, and one electric rockesque tune…. He played one tune I’ve heard before but couldn’t name. barely slept at all that night trying to recall the name of the tune I kept hearing over and over…. went to my Pat collection the following AM and did a mental inventory of each tune on each disc trying to find the tune. Then I realized I didn’t own any of his first trio recordings…!. (I never paid his early trio recordings the respect they deserve)….. Then I did a little youtube searching and found it…. It’s Q&A !! Been playing it ever since….repeatedly. I’m a die hard Metheniac but don’t own the trio or trio>live ! The trio>live with Bill stewart and Larry Grenadier is heavy duty stuff. No pat fan should be without it. You can hear and feel the energy. Check out Question and Answer on this disc. It’s almost 20 minutes long and Pat takes us through the spheres and galaxies with his synth….all three of those guys are frikkin ON. The guy sitting next to us was at his 51st Pat concert !! wow !! He and his wife travelled down from NY for the show. Pat is great !
Apr 05 2019
at 10:44 AM
Bookmark and Share patsfan- I’m right up the I-75 corridor in Ruskin. I won’t be able to make it across state either. That’s another reason I’m patiently waiting for that next release!
Apr 04 2019
at 7:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, probably a perfect venue and I’m down in Sarasota, probably 250 miles away and it probably won’t work with my schedule. Hopefully Side Eye will be in Northern California this fall. Enjoy !!!!
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