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May 03 2019
at 9:18 AM
This was my first Pat album. Hadn’t heard much pat before buying this and playing it constantly. Became a Metheniac shortly thereafter ! Every track on this album is so awesome ! Thanks Pat !
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Jun 18 2019
at 5:49 PM
Bookmark and Share For us argentinians, to have Pedro Aznar included in the PMG, was a tremendous shock, as Pedro was coming from a rock group that was huge number those days in Argentina (Serú Girán),of course we felt that he was ready to take a big step. But... ¡the PMG! wow! and Pedro fill the shoes that Naná left behind very, very well.
Mike S.
Jun 12 2019
at 7:54 AM
Bookmark and Share First Circle is a great album and Mas Alla is an amazingly moving song! I have PM Radio on in my math classroom all day long but when a song from Song X or Anna Marie Jopek comes up (my students don’t like those) I go to Youtube to play Mas Alla or It’s For You for my class (the studio versions) and now they are gone from Youtube! What gives?!
May 22 2019
at 2:25 PM
Bookmark and Share plus it’s the second favorite choice on this forum for Top Metheny albums.
May 14 2019
at 6:11 PM
Bookmark and Share First Circle won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance. ! How is it underrated ?
May 13 2019
at 11:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Hearing the title track in concert (before I heard the album) remains one of the most uplifting musical memories I have. Staggering. I particularly love If I Could, Mas Alla, Tell It All and Yolanda too. The record clearly marked out different territory for the Group after Offramp and laid the ground for all the greatness that followed. PMG has to be among the greatest live bands of all time. Looking back on those gigs... so ambitious, so committed, but great tunes too.
May 10 2019
at 9:14 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll always remember the First Circle tour. I didn’t hear the album before the concert. They started with "Forward March". I was thinking What the Hell is this? I still get a big chuckle out of that moment!
May 07 2019
at 12:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Frank, I’m no musician ... but it became obvious to me over the years that First Circle was rythmic genius. You just have to isten to the Metropole Orchestra version in 2003 with Pat .... and pick up on the minimalist beats ... 12/8, 10/8, 20/8 etc. Had to be very influenced by Steve Reich, his albums in the 80’s, and Trains ( Last Train Home ) and minimalist beats and chords. Some Australian wrote a 100 page thesis on First Circle. It’s not simple. But I hope someone more acknowledgeable weighs in and answers your very leading question !
May 06 2019
at 12:43 PM
Bookmark and Share who wants to explain the first circle clap?
May 04 2019
at 12:58 AM
Bookmark and Share I get it , Rick ! Those early albums caught my attention big time !! I was a casual fan of jazz during the 70’s but after Bright Size, Offramp, Chattaqua, and Forst Circle I was totally hooked. Every tune in First Circle is great. It is so part of my musical soul . But maybe you could say that about so many of Pat’s albums ?
May 03 2019
at 6:10 PM
Bookmark and Share On "Yolanda, You Learn" Pat’s synth solo is a mix of soprano sax, piccolo, trumpet, with a little Hammond B-3 tossed in for good measure. And oh, what good measures they are. (I wonder what Yo learned?...)
May 03 2019
at 2:24 PM
Bookmark and Share hey rickys - indeed, first circle’s top o’ the line! love it forever . . . . . i said on a different thread on here that i would suppose that, if i had to pick just ’one favorite pat album’, it might would be witchita falls, but it could just as easily be first circle . . . . i remember pat saying at the time that the title song was sort of a ’big truck of a song’, and boy, ain’t it the truth! woooo weeee, first circle, man!!
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