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May 28 2019
at 5:56 AM
Was at the Ponte Vedra Beach concert and this has been bugging me!!.....recognized most everything except for the major ....what other people are calling it and seems fairly apt.....rock ballad in the middle of the concert.....Pat was just killing the heavy rock distortion guitar solo, then he finished with a perfect solo on guitar synth......WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!??.......didn’t recognize it a new one??.....i would pay big money to have that on a recording.....and as an aside?...... it seemed so much of the concert was not retrospective..... he had spent so much time his whole life cultivating his own style, he never got to perform other styles.... so this was his opportunity to let loose on things he’d never done.... time to try them on!
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Jun 04 2019
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share who would you compare/contrast what you heard with the song Sariel from Tap ?
May 29 2019
at 8:08 AM
Bookmark and Share I was also at the Ponte Vedra show and definitely remember that tune. Didn’t recognize it so it’s gotta be a new one. Like you I would like to hear it again and again.....Pat can rock hard when he wants to !!
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