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Jun 30 2019
at 7:08 AM
Hey all, Terribly sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I only just discovered Pat and I’m becoming obsessed! With that said I can’t seem to find any tab books for the White Album. Any suggestions on where to get some tab transcriptions? Thanks!
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Sep 11 2019
at 7:22 AM
Bookmark and Share You could purchase Pat’s Song Book book, then use something like Guitar Pro ( ) to create the tabs. This is what I am doing - after a 30 yr break from playing the guitar. Trying to relearn the notes on the fretboard. The Guitar Pro program allows you to put the notes on the staff and it will give you the string and fret that that note is on. As you do this you’ll see or understand if you know the fretboard that a better location for that note might be somewhere else and can change it. The application will also play the music that you put on it.
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