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Jul 22 2019
at 8:01 AM
I will forever be in awe of Pat for his ability to compose music as beautiful as this. Pat is Great
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Aug 02 2019
at 1:28 PM
Bookmark and Share "Don’t Forget" is forever.
Jul 24 2019
at 1:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Ricky ... almost a religious statement, I would say ! Well, can’t agree with you more. You did mention composition .... we all know ( preaching to the choir I guess ) that Pat is the best Guitar player in the world ... but, what sets him totally apart from his peers is that his music, his 40 or so albums are so incredibly original and totally unique in composition, creativity and originality. I’m blown away by the fact that most people I have met have little appreciation for him, but I think that’s just the way humans are. Incomprehensible.
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