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Aug 12 2019
at 1:00 AM
Happy Birthday, Pat !!!!
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Aug 20 2019
at 10:55 AM
Bookmark and Share yes, Pat is officially a senior citizen now.
Aug 14 2019
at 8:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat from your biggest fan H Man!!!
Aug 12 2019
at 8:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday, Pat ! We are waiting for your next stage in Japan,,, Come Ooooooooon!
Aug 12 2019
at 5:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Today, we should celebrate and thank Lois and Dave. Can you imagine listening to those boys for fifteen years? There aren’t enough candles....(Give ’em a call, mole)
Aug 12 2019
at 3:32 PM
Bookmark and Share As members of the PM Latin Tribe we will never forget the first night you performed down in Buenos Aires, on the night of August 11th., 1984. We were all having a jaw-dropping experience by attending the first PMG night -most of us had also tickets for the following night too- when, exactly at midnight, the crowd started to sing "Happy Birthday" I did not know it was your birthday, but they did... we can still remember your surprise and huge smile as an answer. Today, THIRTY FIVE YEARS LATER, the tribe has grown bigger and the media helped us all to grow a beautiful sense of belonginess as fans, sharing the news about your tours around the world and the amazing works of art you keep on producing. Life has been indeed generous and kind to you -unlike to many great genious in the past centuries- and all of your virtues as a human being and a gifted musician were and are welcomed and applauded by everyone, everywhere you go. That makes us all very happy, cause you definitively deserve such a great harvest! You have fullfilled and enriched the passing of talent from your ancestors and shared such passion with the world in such a generous way we will never thank you enough. It´s wonderful getting to listen to your work on a track, attending a show -or, as one of your FB fans referred to as "being exposed to the Metheny Experience" (like a gentle virus that gets under one´s skin to never leave), is definitively something else! It is something that we, as contemporaries, have the opportunity to take part of, something tha keeps leaving us wanting for more each time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAREST PAT. BLESSED BE YOU AND YOUR BELOVED ONES... HAVE A BLAST THE LATIN COMUNITY LOOK FORWARD TO HAVE YOU BACK NEXT YEAR !!! CHEERS!!!!
Aug 12 2019
at 1:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat! and Many, Many, more ... PLEASE!!! Hope you get to spend at least ’your’ day with those you Love most and may you have the greatest year ever. We’ll all keep listening!!
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