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SUBJECT: Implicit motion in Pat’s music Back to Subjects
Aug 27 2019
at 7:19 AM
I’ve listened to alot of music in my life, but Pat is the ONLY musician who, when I’m listening, can put me in motion...makes me feel like I’m traveling....this sensation that I often find myself in (involuntarily) is trotting or galloping on a horse - triumphantly through beautiful grassy, sunny fields !.... Or a spirited cruise in a convertible on a coast road at sunset, with my wife, after hitting the lottery !. I first experienced this sensation with "it’s for you" after Lyle’s long intro when Pat launches his guitar. Several other songs have the same effect (the ending of "as it is", "Understanding" and many others).... This is just one more measure of the genius that is Pat !! Anyone else experience this? Pat is great !
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Aug 30 2019
at 11:00 AM
Bookmark and Share well there are titles (Travels,Are You Going With Me, Last Train Home, The Road To You) that explicitly involve motion.
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