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Jan 02 2015
at 2:00 AM
Wow, what an incredible way to start off the new year: I might be the last person to have seen it, but I just watched 20 Feet From Stardom ... OMG, WTF, LHM! I can’t even begin to compile sufficient superlatives for this film, one of the greatest, deepest, most moving films I’ve ever seen. Man, just the scene alone of Merry Clayton hearing her isolated vocal from Gimme Shelter ... the hairs on my neck will never lie back down! And her version of Neil Young’s Southern Man? I never even knew that existed ... JHC! And Darlene Love, Lisa Fischer, Claudia Lennear ... wow, I just might have to watch this every day!
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May 08 2020
at 4:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Last time I saw fred simon’s name he was scheduled to perform at a small Jazz club in Evanston IL. I emailed him in 2019 to see if he was going to see the Side-Eye show in Champaign-Urbana Illinois.
May 08 2020
at 10:19 AM
Bookmark and Share fred simon, where are you?
Jan 27 2015
at 11:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Great idea franksexton ! How about it Fred? Freddy Simon and the Simonettes!!!
Jan 27 2015
at 12:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for asking, Frank. Actually, I have used singers before on both Usually/Always and Open Book, and would do so again in a heartbeat given the opportunity.
Jan 26 2015
at 10:46 AM
Bookmark and Share so Fred, will you be adding background singers to your next album ?
Jan 25 2015
at 4:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Stay tuned, folks-- one of the stars, Lisa Fischer, does modest tours now and then. I fought her in Denver last summer with a terrific three-piece band that did very jazzy arrangements of soul and Stones material. Simply a perfect performance, before a tiny crowd of 30 or so. Later that summer, I caught up with her at the Snowy Range Music Fest, a blues event in Laramie, Wyo. Ironically, she had no CDs or merchandise to sell, and didn’t stick around to meet fans. She just sings and vanishes, like a gypsy angel...
Jan 12 2015
at 11:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I watched this over the weekend. Thanks, Fred ! Even the deleted scenes are great.
Jan 09 2015
at 8:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Forgot: not just in the middle of the night, with hair-curlers, silk pajamas, and mink coat ... but pregnant!
Jan 08 2015
at 7:53 AM
Bookmark and Share turns out my local library has this - both the dvd and the cd soundtrack and I was able to check them both out, haven’t listened or watched yet but plan to this weekend.
Jan 08 2015
at 12:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Frank, it’s riveting. And the part that no one knows is that the Stones called Clayton in the middle of the night ... 2 AM and she goes down to the studio in hair-curlers, silk pajamas, and a mink coat! She does one take, they love it, she wants to do another and takes it up an octave to really blow their minds and that’s the take that stuck. I’ve always loved that crack in her voice at that moment, too ... pure gold.
Jan 07 2015
at 4:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Dang! I’ll have to look this up. Thanks, Fred!
Jan 06 2015
at 10:06 AM
Bookmark and Share thanks for posting this , I always loved her vocal on Gimme’ Shelter esp. when her voice cracks and Mick j"whoos" in the background in response. I will have to check this movie out.
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