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Jul 29 2015
at 10:55 AM
Howdy Folks, surprised to see no comments about the upcoming Unity Sessions DVD. Thoughts about the setlist? Also, someone just questioned what Pat’s up to lately and I wonder if the deaths of his best friend Charlie Haden and then Ornette have left him to contemplate his future. I get the feeling Pat is taking his time, kicking back & watching the proverbial wheels go round-and-round for a while. Selfishly, I do hope for some new music - whenever he is ready though. And in the meantime, there is the new DVD, which I can’t wait to hear.
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Apr 23 2022
at 10:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I thought it would be go to have an update/followup to this excellent DVD/CD, I ended up picking up both. I watched the DVD the other night for the first time since it’s release. As much as I like Pat’s live DVDs, it was nice to see better camerawork due to better access. I am sure for the live video recordings they have to minimize interfering with the performance for the musicians and audience. I would think less editing for non-live videos. I thought it was an excellent concert video with excellent musicians. Two very special parts were the Pat and Antonio duet Go Get It and the Pat and Chris Potter duet Cherokee. Because of the very fast tempo of Cherokee after they finish playing, both of them are breathing hard and start laughing. The Bonus Interviews were excellent, informative and brief.
Aug 13 2015
at 5:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Willbur… Being a parent, I would go nuts being away from my kids for extended periods. I wonder how much they might have travelled with him. I also wonder if any of them are taking up an instrument. Can you imagine Pat (dad) being your guitar teacher? But where to find the time with his schedule?
Aug 13 2015
at 3:28 PM
Bookmark and Share When the unity band first started I posted on how I would have liked them to be something of a Micheal Brecker tribute band. Of course Pat wrote all new material that has since become some of my favorite of anything he has ever done. That said it was also very cool that some of the old material was also covered on tour and will be on this DVD also. Knowing how exacting Pat is probably many.many hour were spent editing this project.
Aug 13 2015
at 10:56 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t know. With the new Unity DVD and a possible CD from that project, plus the "Hommage" CD coming up, I don’t think he’s been getting much rest. Maybe a little respite from the concert circuit, but he’s got the Detroit and Blue Note festivals coming up and probably other things we don’t know about. How he can keep up all these projects and creativity going all these years is amazing, not to mention incredible. By the way , didn’t somebody mention a while back on this forum, that at one of those weeklong summer workshops Pat hosted, maybe in Montana, that they had worked on a piece called "Hommage" that Pat had written? By the way, my huge accomplishment: I got out of bed this morning!!!
Aug 12 2015
at 5:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi foper! I think that’s pretty much it - 3 kids who need Dad’s attention. I know. I really wondered for a while now how long Pat would keep up his (IMO) insane pace. I say Pat certainly deserves the time away to enjoy with family. FWIW, of course.
Chris Digger
Aug 02 2015
at 6:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, there were rumors of a CD from the sessions.
Aug 01 2015
at 7:33 AM
Bookmark and Share A few months back I recall reading that, in addition to the Unity Sessions DVD and Blu-ray discs, an audio CD version of the sessions would also be released. Does anyone else remember reading/hearing this, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
Chris Digger
Aug 01 2015
at 7:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice to notice that on the DVD they play ADAGIA and SIGN OF THE SEASON (wasn´t played on the tour). Oh, unfortunately WE GO ON is not on the DVD.
Aug 01 2015
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share I watched an interview of him that was several years ago where he talked about the importance of spending more time with his family. He has (I think it is) 3 kids now. They certainly need dad’s attention. Since day one of being turned on to Pat back in ’78 I have anxiously awaited each year for the surprises he brings in his music. I haven’t gotten familiar with the set list of the Sessions DVD , but I don’t have any doubt it will hit me in nearly every musical place possible.
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