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Aug 20 2015
at 7:35 PM
I adore their collaboration. Does anyone else feel this is among Pat’s best work?
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Oct 17 2022
at 9:58 AM
Bookmark and Share yossarian, have you ever visited the Pat Metheny Database, Concert Chronology to locate a Set List for any of Pat’s shows that you attended? it’s a very good resource for me to fill in the blanks during mild cases of senior moments or CRS.
Oct 14 2022
at 2:39 PM
Bookmark and Share I remember the show well. Santa Cruz Slacker was a real highlight - it really really really swung. Of course A Night Away was lovely. But my favourites were Say the Brother’s Name and When We Were Free... that Pat compositional intensity. The duo tunes I enjoyed of course but to be honest I’ve heard Pat duets I’ve enjoyed more (obvs with Lyle but also on more recent tours including Side Eye). Having said that Don’t Wait is a brilliant brilliant duo tune.
Sep 17 2022
at 1:04 PM
Bookmark and Share I just went to the Pat Metheny Database website to help me remember the Metheny Mehldau Quartet that I caught back in 2007. Looks like it may have been four duets to start the show followed by the quartet. I just remember it was a great show. I wish I could remember more about the show.
Sep 15 2022
at 5:26 PM
Bookmark and Share I just listened to both of the records (Metheny Mehldau and Metheny Mehldau Quartet) and I agree that they are some of Pat’s best works, but then my Pat’s best list has about 90percent of his records on it. 2026 would be a great time to do a Metheny Mehldau Quartet 20th Anniversary Tour and live record. As I mentioned in this original post I caught the quartet at the Chicago Symphony Center. I recognized several songs when I replayed the records.
Jan 28 2016
at 6:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Some of the best music ever written.
Dec 10 2015
at 8:14 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught that tour the year I moved back to Chicago after 20 years in San Diego. Great show and great way to be welcomed back to Chicago. Great performance by four excellent musicians.
Sep 21 2015
at 12:45 PM
Bookmark and Share As I just posted on another thread, 2:48 to about 4:00 of "Silent Movie" from Metheny/Mehldau-Quartet (2007) gets me all the time. Pat’s feel and tone and Brad’s "coreaesque" comping is absolutely top tier! I remember watching this quartet at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA a while back. They played Nascimento’s Vera Cruz for their final song that made me feel so sorry that it was not in the album. Oh well, thanks Pat, you are truly God’s gift!
Sep 06 2015
at 9:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I completely agree as well. Their album Metheny Mehldau is just sublime. So glad others feel the same.
Sep 02 2015
at 12:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Agreed. Pat and Brad were a natural fit for each other. You could hear it in their subtle trade-offs .My memory of that concert was how quiet the audience was during their duets. You could hear a pin drop. And the emotion they built in the songs they wrote together was some of the best I’ve ever heard from Pat. It would be great to hear them together again, with Potter or whomever they choose.
Aug 31 2015
at 2:10 AM
Bookmark and Share bxl12378, well I better hear a war story from you after 14 Oct, 2015 at the AB/Brux...:) Unless I can swing it to be there too with you, for that mega-gig! TT
Aug 28 2015
at 3:08 PM
Bookmark and Share As it turns out, I have been relistening to the 2 cd’s they made together for the last two weeks, especially the tune "make peace" (how that’s built up...fantastic!) Frank: Potter for ever! Tiny Tim, always love your war memories!
Aug 24 2015
at 2:32 PM
Bookmark and Share does he do anything that isn’t top-tier ? how about Metheny Mehldau Potter (wouldn’t that be something) ?
Aug 23 2015
at 7:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Well I’ll come in and say that Mehldau is indeed one of the best, and a great foil for Pat. I was part of the Cully Jazz Festival 2009, Switzerland, as a volunteer for the week’s gigs (among other volunteer teams), and our team pulled the good straw to have Brad’s solo gig in the church. I never will forget us setting up the seats in that church beyond the pews, that magnificent grand piano that the piano tuner was tuning, and then Mehldau and his manager arriving, then Brad doing his sound check while that piano tuner was sitting in front of him, all alone. His jaw is still on the church floor as well as all the people who attended that gig, and all those that were in attendence knew why they were there. Amazing night.
Aug 21 2015
at 1:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Brad Mehldau is really a gifted artist. I was expecting something really wonderful regarding the collaboration with Pat, and it did not dissapoint. The composition, "Make Peace" is such a beautiful, emotional work. I like both albums equally!!
Aug 21 2015
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I remember the music from these CDs didn’t really hit me at first. But over time, the first recording with the blue and white cover has become one of my favorites. I love "A Night Away" from their "Quartet" CD too. What my iPod did is it mixed all the Metheny Mehldau "Quartet " songs up with the PMG "Quartet" songs. But it worked out to be one long seamless listening experience!
Aug 21 2015
at 10:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I agree ... the inter-play is so intimate and immediate between these two great musicians. You can hear them listening to each other as they breathe in and out the phrases together. Pat’s ability to ’self-edit’ seems to highlight not only his playing but the ones around him as well. He has the touch and the ears ... what Pat plays in the background is amazing! Brad also seems to have brought his ’A’ game to the studio. His rhythm choices and punctuations help to create a perfect forum for their common efforts. Check them out live (in concert) on youtube, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for your post ...
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