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Sep 23 2015
at 4:11 AM
After all these years, Pat & Eberhard & Gary (72 at this recording; can’t wait to hear what occurs at his 75th!) et al. still make magical music together, however the amalgamation. The record is an excellent mix of voices to honor Weber, and I hope you have the chance to hear it very soon, if you haven’t done so already. As side notes: Pat’s solo on "Hommage" has a touch of "Blade Runner" to it; I’ve often thought that the inner sleeve pic on Orchestrion Project is like Pan meets Blade Runner, if that connection makes any sense. And finally, Pat says that this is the first time he’s written for big band since he was back in high school. Can you imagine the work back then? Probably blew away most music that some spend their whole lives trying to make!
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Aug 11 2020
at 10:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I received the DVD the other day and have watched the whole concert once and Pat’s Hommage a Eberhard Weber twice. It is very good, but Pat’s Hommage is great. Pat only plays on that part and the other musicians play on the other tunes. Gary Burton, Paul McCandfless, and Jan Garabarek play with the big band. The audio and video are very good. Pat’s Hommage was the highlight. He used several guitars during the 30 minute piece. If you are interested it is under Eberhard Weber’s name and is called the Jubilee Concert and was recorded in Stuttgart Germany.
Jul 27 2020
at 9:41 PM
Bookmark and Share The other day I found a Import DVD of the Hommage a Eberhard Weber concert in Germany. I already have the CD and in an earlier post I mentioned I saw the US debut concert at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2015. The Detroit show and the CD are excellent. If you read the reviews and interviews with Pat regarding the project you would realize how special the tribute was. It was a really complex project and Eberhard was very happy with the results. Check it out, it’s worth a listen. The second half of the Detroit Jazz Festival concert was Pat playing solo with the DJF Orchestra playing his "hits". He was smiling the whole time. Alan Broadbent did the arrangements so the orchestra didn’t sound cheesy llike some past Jazz musicians backed by an orchestra.
Dec 11 2015
at 6:27 AM
Bookmark and Share the rest of the album is great as well !
Dec 10 2015
at 8:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I caught the North American debut at the 2015 Detroit Jazz Festival. It was a great performance with Pat, Scott, Gary and Danny Gottlieb plus the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra. They had an early release of the CD at the festival. Great recording.
Nov 27 2015
at 3:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Frank, I absolutely agree with you. I could have written your message.
Nov 20 2015
at 9:27 AM
Bookmark and Share i have this now and it was worth the wait. Hommage justs gets better and better with each listen. I love the first Track, Resume Variations, with Jan Garabek also.
Sep 30 2015
at 9:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I have it on order, very excited to get it.
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