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SUBJECT: Pat’s Voice Back to Subjects
Dec 17 2017
at 10:00 AM
Has anyone heard Pat speak on a studio recording? Only heard it on one album. Have you heard it?
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Mar 12 2021
at 2:31 PM
Bookmark and Share On the selftitled "Noa" album Pat produced in 1994. Pat is credited with additional background vocals on track 5 "Child of Man"
Mar 11 2021
at 7:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Just thinking we need someone with mad graphix skillz to make animate GIF of Charlie saying this Jack. Any takers?
Jan 19 2018
at 1:33 PM
Bookmark and Share HI, when Pat come back to shows in Brazil ?
Chris Digger
Jan 17 2018
at 6:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Charlie or Pat?
Jan 16 2018
at 2:52 PM
Bookmark and Share On Turnaround that’s Charlie Haden hooting about Jack’s playing and on AFWSFWF that’s Lyle counting.....
Chris Digger
Jan 12 2018
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share On 80/81: Disc 1: The 4th Track: Turnaround: " Huuh Boy Jack DeJohnette Man..."!
Jan 12 2018
at 5:24 PM
Bookmark and Share On the 80/81 album, at the end of the track Turnaround, there’s an excited voice praising Jack Dejohnette. I’m guessing it’s Pat’s voice.
Jan 12 2018
at 3:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Lyle
Jan 11 2018
at 11:41 AM
Bookmark and Share so who recites the numbers spoken in the middle of AFWSFWF ?
Dave M.
Jan 09 2018
at 3:51 PM
Bookmark and Share You can hear him counting of the tempo at the beginning of the title track for American Garage.
Jan 09 2018
at 11:32 AM
Bookmark and Share OK Chris1, only 2 of us have chimed in on this post. Please, tell us where YOU have heard Pat’s voice on a studio album. I am almost sure other inquiring minds would like to know:)
Jan 03 2018
at 7:34 AM
Bookmark and Share is it Wichita falls?
Chris Digger
Dec 31 2017
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share On 80/81 ?
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