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May 13 2018
at 6:34 PM
What are your favorite PM ’solos’? . . . . for sure, we all cherish ’are you going w/me’ and ’third wind’, etc., and on and on, but what are some of pat’s bestest ’deep cut’ ’solos’? my choices are his playing on ’au lait’, from ’offramp’, and his solo (and playing, in general!) on ’midwestern night’s dream’, the version on the gary burton record called ’passengers’ (ECM), and with eberhard & swallow & gottlieb, too! . . . . . the truth will always be, man.
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Apr 22 2019
at 2:26 PM
Bookmark and Share tomm - that version of ’nascente’ that you saluted is my favorite version of that song. also love the ’high harmony’ that pat plays w/brecker.
Apr 22 2019
at 12:11 PM
Bookmark and Share "Nascente" from Michael Brecker’s "The Nearness of You" CD.
Apr 19 2019
at 1:53 PM
Bookmark and Share 3 cheers for the ’wish’ album! wooooo weeee, billy higgins, man!
Apr 18 2019
at 10:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Checking out Pat and Dominic Miller on YouTube covering the Sting song Fragile. Pats synth solo and comping blowing my mind!..... also the blues heavy solo on The Deserving Many from Josh Redman’s album Wish......classic PM Still discovering/rediscovering great stuff after so many years......
Nov 13 2018
at 5:31 PM
Bookmark and Share my ’deep cut’ solo would be Sariel from Tap.
Nov 12 2018
at 7:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Well this is a question that will stop me working today! I’m going to say Have You Heard because it represents quintessential Pat to me, and it also culminated a period in which his improvising and fluency seemed to explode with every gig and release. That level has been the constant every since. Damn the march of time!
Oct 16 2018
at 7:35 AM
Bookmark and Share AYGWM? No question...
Aug 12 2018
at 11:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree with all the suggestions. It is hard to pick a favourite. I was listening to Dancing from the Parallel Realities Album the other day and thought that’s gotta be up there. But the one that sends me somewhere is Goodbye, so does Story Within a Story and so does...………………………………………………………………..
Aug 07 2018
at 4:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Lots of love for "Third Wind" -- the solo, not yours truly. Too bad no one has heard the full solo live in a couple decades. In the last PMG tours, he’d stop before the bridge and that was that. So it was more like "First of Three Winds." I know the sets are long and the songbook is thick, but surely there was a better way to save a few minutes. Of the recent work, my favorite Pat solo was on "Kqu," which closed the first PMUG album. Short, sweet, soft and exquisite.
Jun 18 2018
at 12:08 PM
Bookmark and Share synth solos - The Truth Will Always Be from Secret Story and Q & A from Trio Live
Jun 13 2018
at 11:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Too many to pick just one. But Proof, Bilbao and Third Wind would all would rank up at the top for me, especially the way he plays them live.
Jun 01 2018
at 2:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Tough question. Can I give three? 1. It’s For You 2. Au Lait 3. Have You Heard?
May 30 2018
at 10:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Off the top of my head: "Phase Dance" from Travels, the track and solo that made me a Pat Metheny fan almost 35 years ago... "It’s For You" from As Falls Wichita... "Video Games" from Song X (also "Compute" from the anniversary reissue) "Three Flights Up" and "All The Things You Are" from Question & Answer "The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress" from Beyond The Missouri Sky "The Heat Of The Day" from Imaginary Day "Piosenka Dla Stasia" from Upojenie "Song For The Boys" from One Quiet Night ...and pretty much everything from "The Orchestrion Project" and "The Unity Sessions", two of his all-time best records in my opinion (especially in the Dortboy Track Sequence :D) But the most amazing solo I ever heard live was the outro from "Finding And Believing", at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1993... the most perfect improvised melodic statement I ever heard by anyone... Peace Y’all from Porkopolis
May 26 2018
at 2:32 PM
Bookmark and Share forgot to mention pat’s solo on ’5-5-7’ (from the ’letter from home’ record) . . . . a similar celestial groove as ’a story within the story’ (on the ’imaginary day’ album) . . . . . love that ’inside/out’ type of playing . . . . . ’better days ahead’.
May 17 2018
at 8:30 AM
Bookmark and Share bobsmith1 - couldn’t agree more about pat’s solo on ’third wind’ . . . . . i remember him saying something about how around ’86 or ’87, he sorta ’went through a door’ with his playing, and for the ones of us who were listening, it was obvious . . . . ’course, his playing was always off-the-planet, but it’s always transcendent when those quantum leaps happen, and, of course, they only occur after working every day, for years & years, to get better & better & better . . . . . a guitarist friend of mine swears by that ’third wind’ solo on ’still life’ . . . . says it’s the greatest guitar playing he’s ever heard - and he’s a hard rocker!! ~ pat eclipses all borders and boundaries, as we all know - always has and always will . . . . . . and what else could we expect from someone who’s very first album (and very first song on that album) was called ’bright size life’??
May 14 2018
at 10:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Solo from "Third Wind" on Still Life Talking. There was something very new, complex and energetic in this solo. At the time it blew my mind and still sounds as fresh today as it did in ’87. He had hit on something new, at least to me, something very technically advanced that I, personally, had not heard from him before. Of course, the solo from "It’s For You", what more can you say? It says everything and not a word is spoken.
May 14 2018
at 5:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Should of been "Bilbao." Damn! -- I also really like the quiet, slow riff Pat does on the intro and outro of "To the End of the World." Not really a "solo," but what the hey.
May 14 2018
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Good question, really hard to answer. Definitely, IT’S FOR YOU and of course ALL the others!! Thank you Pat for so very many ’memorable moments’!
May 14 2018
at 12:11 PM
Bookmark and Share I love Pat’s synth solo on "The Red One". He plays it with John Scofield.
May 14 2018
at 2:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Even in its brevity, I like the one he plays on "Afternoon" quite a bit. (The solo on "Proof" is pretty amazing as well. And while the synth solo on "Song for Bilboa" live is too obvious, the crowd reaction when it’s over is priceless; I usually say to myself, "No shit!" when the audience goes nuts for that one.)
May 14 2018
at 12:24 AM
Bookmark and Share "James" from Trio Live!. "Goodbye" from Travels. "Part One" @ 21:10 from The Way Up. "Travels" from Trio 99->00.
May 13 2018
at 11:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Mole, you have asked an impossible question for me because in some way all of his solos bring me to a different place in a different time ..... but, maybe I’d pick ’ Have you heard’. ... technically not a pure solo but it represents the Pat I knew early on in PMG. Anyways, unlike you, I’m not a musician and all I know is when I first heard Pat. .. Joni Mitchell, I think .... I was sure a music genius was in the making. I have derived so much satisfaction from his music. So...... Thanks Pat. !!!!
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