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May 19 2018
at 8:03 PM
Will 2019 be the year ? I totally dig the 2012 PMUB “Black Album” and Kin (<—>) is in my top 5 records of all time....Really.....might be the best band ever assembled....Really
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Feb 14 2020
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I also agree . Chris Potter is the closest sax player to Michael Brecker! Bring Chris back please... I love all of Pat’s combinations - his trios, quartets and more over the years. I agree that the Unity Band was really the best since the original quartet! I also realize that part of what makes Pat’s music so incredible is his constant search for new ways to make music and new artists to play with.
Feb 13 2020
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share I have been listening to all 3 albums. Unity Band, Kin, Unity Sessions and I think they are great. Wish he would release a complete concert from the Sessions Tour.
Aug 07 2018
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share My favorite tune was "Kqu,"- utterly captivating, much too brief, and as mysterious as its name.
May 21 2018
at 11:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I agree
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