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Apr 06 2019
at 7:31 AM
This is a brief sum of the PM trio at the Space in Westbury, Long Island on 4/4/19. terrific show....great new versions of some older tunes and much, much more....the arrangements were far different than the quartet tour last fall, and Nate Smith and James Francies are excellent players.....Francies played bass lines with his left hand and melody lines on various keys with the right, crazy.....and the drums were forward all night..... As for new music, there seemed to be a new composition in the middle of the set, akin to half life of absolution, and a standard along the way that I can’t name. All in all, a very high level of musicality from PM as usual, and a very receptive crowd. Great venue. Anyway, go see this tour, or the next one......
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Dec 09 2019
at 3:40 PM
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