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SUBJECT: Live in San Francisco - John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension Jimmy Herring & The Invisible Whip Back to Subjects
Apr 11 2019
at 10:57 AM
This album deserves its own subject. Can you tell I thinks its great? Best album of the year so far in my opinion. check out the reviews :
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Apr 14 2020
at 5:43 PM
Bookmark and Share A terrific recording. It shows the synergy between John and Jimmy. For those who thought Billy, Jan and Jerry couldn’t be replaced, Ranjit, Jeff, Gary, Matt and Jason (especially Jason’s violin playing) did such a great job. Live, these gigs were superb, hi energy and the impact of 9 musicians on stage performing MO’s music was quite stunning and very moving. As for John not being in the Hall of Fame - overdue and as you say unbelievable.
Apr 14 2020
at 8:59 AM
Bookmark and Share naut, thanks for replying, I was beginning to think I was nuts!
Apr 13 2020
at 6:49 PM
Bookmark and Share You’re right, frank. That’s a seriously good, high-energy dose of fused power. -- There’s something I don’t understand (among a host of other shit): How can John not be in the Downbeat Hall of Fame? That’s a crime against musical humanity. Beyond belief....
Apr 23 2019
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share seriously this album is great !
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