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May 08 2019
at 5:47 PM
see the schedule, Pat is performing twice in Detroit at the Jazz festival over Labor Day,once as a duet with Ron Carter and once with his side eye project. Plus it is FREE !
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Jun 17 2021
at 8:45 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : I just noticed on Pat’s Schedule here that Side-Eye will be at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on October 14th (Thursday). It’s a great old venue where I saw PMG back in 80’s . I forgot to put your name on previous post ten minutes before this one. I may go to this show also.
Jun 17 2021
at 8:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I hate it when they do that, but understand. I subscribe to several Jazz Series, one with five shows and the other with ten shows. Usually there are several shows I am not interested in that I trade in for another show (ticket for friends). I travelled to Washington DC once because I could get better seats at the Kennedy Center (actually great seats) and another time to Madison WI for the same reason with same results. This year San Diego Side-Eye gig was announced before Chicago show. I used to live there and considered going to that show. It also is part of a package deal. When further shows are announced you may have a better opportunity for better seats. Good luck! I got my ticket for the Chicago show in October, but it is General Admission. I spent $100 to get in the first couple rows. I have a great track record of getting great seats for Pat’s shows.
Jun 16 2021
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Mark, to get tickets, I have to subscribe to an entire series of concerts, only two of which I would want to see and others that already happened. Hoping that I can get tickets closer to the actual performance date.
May 06 2021
at 9:39 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : Did you get a ticket for Pat at the Detroit Symphony Center? Because he is booked there I didn’t expect he would be at this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival. Next time you go to the Detroit Jazz Festival buy the four day VIP Pass. You get guaranteed seating at the three main stages plus meal and drink vouchers and other perks. Every year I have gone I got the VIP Passes. I am passing this year as the lineup isn’t strong enough to warrant the cost.
Feb 23 2021
at 12:03 AM
Bookmark and Share In 2015 (Labor Day weekend) the Detroit Jazz Festival provided me my ultimate Pat Metheny experience. Pat was the Artist-In-Residence that year so he had a show every day, Friday thru Monday. Friday night was the Pat Metheny Trio (Scott Colley and Antonio Sanchez with Kenny Garrett for several songs. Saturday was the Gary Burton Quartet featuring Pat Metheny, Scott Colley and Antonio Sanchez. Sunday when I went to hear the Ron Carter Pat Metheny Duo I had an accident on the stairs at that stage and missed the show. Monday night was the US debut of the Eberhard Weber Tribute with Pat, Gary Burton, Danny Gottlieb, Scott Colley and the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra and then Pat solo with the DJFO strings section (may have been additional instruments). All the shows were great and I spoke to Pat after the show ended on Monday night. A lot of good memories that year.
Feb 21 2021
at 11:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Another great thing about the Detroit Jazz Festival is if you stay at the Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel you will run into many of the Jazz musicians in the restaurant/bar or elsewhere in the hotel. It is the host hotel and the Jamm Sessions are in one of the ballrooms. One year I was behind Ron Carter in line at the breakfast buffet. Also spoke to Jimmy Heath, Chris Potter, Maria Schneider, Rudy Royston, Donny McCaslin and many more. There are several small rooms were I have seen bands rehearsing. Every year they have several sessions at a Talk Tent, I saw Jimmy Heath and Randy Weston at one talk. DJF is better than the Chicago Jazz Festival in many ways. Worth my time and money to travel from Chicago to Detroit. I really hope they will have the festival this year. If they do I believe that Pat will have at least one band there.
Feb 11 2021
at 10:47 PM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : I just finished watching a Live Stream show from The Jazz Gallery in NYC with the Jeff "Tain" Watts Trio. He had Paul Bollenback on guitar (former Joey DeFrancesco) and James Francies on piano, Keyboard and Synth Bass. The show will probably be available on YouTube/The Jazz Gallery soon or at their website. They showed great closeups of a small keyboard on top of the piano (Synth Bass) and both Watts and Bollenback pointed out that Francies was playing the basslines. Very impressive sound, both electric bass and acoustic bass. He is very talented pianist and keyboardist.
Aug 10 2020
at 1:24 PM
Bookmark and Share 2020 festival is online/virtual fbclid=IwAR3E4JlVeTAbc05KYVibXvH3tndoNTJmbjm-Z5clm4ehaP8LMt_07bMS83w
Aug 09 2020
at 7:39 PM
Bookmark and Share The Detroit Jazz Festival is usually very good. I live in Chicago suburbs and the DJF is some much better in so many ways.In 2014 or 2015 Pat was the Artist-In-Residence so he played all four nights. Friday night was Pat Metheny Trio (Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez) and Kenny Garrett was added for part of the show. Saturday was the Gary Burton Quartet (Pat, Scott Colley and Antonio) . Sunday Ron Carter Pat Metheny duo, which I missed because of a fall at the stairs going up to the stage. Monday was the US debut of Hommage a Eberhard Weber for thirty minutes and then Pat solo with the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra playing select songs from his inventory, The Hommage had Gary Burton, Scott Colley, Danny Gottlieb, and Alan Broadbent conducting. Needless to say all the shows were excellent. I brought this Subject out of the archive because Labor Day weekend is when the DJF happens.
Oct 13 2019
at 11:56 PM
Bookmark and Share From what I could tell and remember he had a small keyboard on top of the piano. At times he was playing the piano with one hand and playing synth-bass with the other hand. I noticed that the synth-bass could switch from electric bass to acoustic bass. That’s my take, I’m not a musician. I do remember reading that Pat was impressed by Francies synth-bass playing.
Oct 07 2019
at 4:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, do you think the bass lines were pre-programmed or was Francies playing both the bass line and his keyboard improvisation at the same time?
Oct 06 2019
at 1:56 PM
Bookmark and Share FrankSexton Even sitting fairly close to the stage it wasn’t obvious that Francies was playing the synthbass. He had a lot of keyboards around him and Pat is capable of playing the bass parts.
Sep 13 2019
at 12:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info Marc. I was way too far away to able to see that. Plus the Big Screen wasn’t working at first either.
Sep 07 2019
at 10:07 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw the trio last night in Urbana IL. James had a synth bass above the piano keyboard. He was discreetly playing bass lines (acoustic and electric) all night.
Sep 03 2019
at 1:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I went to both shows. Pat wore a sport coat when he played with Ron Carter, they played mostly standards. They didn’t talk at all and I wish I knew the songs better that they played. I did recognize All Blues and Cherokee as two of the songs. Pat played mostly electric guitar but he did switch to acoustic for one song. He would turn of the electric when Ron was soloing and play acoustic chords. Also I got to meet Ron Carter after the show (he is 82 years old). The Side-Eye show was on Monday they played mostly Pat standards. Bright Size Life was the one of the highlights (I think Pat flipped a switch on his guitar and played bass lines when Jame would solo. Highlight here was two synth solos that he just killed. Both shows were Standing Room Only and received a rousing standing ovation. Thank You, Pat.
Aug 28 2019
at 11:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Envy you, Frank. How come Dee-troit ? Free !!!! Two concerts ! Just a dream to me ... why not California ?? Damn, I’m so envious ! Enjoy !!!!
Aug 27 2019
at 10:26 AM
Bookmark and Share 2 shows : Pat with Ron Carter - Sunday 3:30 pm at Carahrt Amphitheater Stage and Side Eye - Monday 3:00 pm at JPMorgan Main stage
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