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May 08 2019
at 5:47 PM
see the schedule, Pat is performing twice in Detroit at the Jazz festival over Labor Day,once as a duet with Ron Carter and once with his side eye project. Plus it is FREE !
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Oct 13 2019
at 11:56 PM
Bookmark and Share From what I could tell and remember he had a small keyboard on top of the piano. At times he was playing the piano with one hand and playing synth-bass with the other hand. I noticed that the synth-bass could switch from electric bass to acoustic bass. That’s my take, I’m not a musician. I do remember reading that Pat was impressed by Francies synth-bass playing.
Oct 07 2019
at 4:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc, do you think the bass lines were pre-programmed or was Francies playing both the bass line and his keyboard improvisation at the same time?
Oct 06 2019
at 1:56 PM
Bookmark and Share FrankSexton Even sitting fairly close to the stage it wasn’t obvious that Francies was playing the synthbass. He had a lot of keyboards around him and Pat is capable of playing the bass parts.
Sep 13 2019
at 12:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info Marc. I was way too far away to able to see that. Plus the Big Screen wasn’t working at first either.
Sep 07 2019
at 10:07 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw the trio last night in Urbana IL. James had a synth bass above the piano keyboard. He was discreetly playing bass lines (acoustic and electric) all night.
Sep 03 2019
at 1:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I went to both shows. Pat wore a sport coat when he played with Ron Carter, they played mostly standards. They didn’t talk at all and I wish I knew the songs better that they played. I did recognize All Blues and Cherokee as two of the songs. Pat played mostly electric guitar but he did switch to acoustic for one song. He would turn of the electric when Ron was soloing and play acoustic chords. Also I got to meet Ron Carter after the show (he is 82 years old). The Side-Eye show was on Monday they played mostly Pat standards. Bright Size Life was the one of the highlights (I think Pat flipped a switch on his guitar and played bass lines when Jame would solo. Highlight here was two synth solos that he just killed. Both shows were Standing Room Only and received a rousing standing ovation. Thank You, Pat.
Aug 28 2019
at 11:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Envy you, Frank. How come Dee-troit ? Free !!!! Two concerts ! Just a dream to me ... why not California ?? Damn, I’m so envious ! Enjoy !!!!
Aug 27 2019
at 10:26 AM
Bookmark and Share 2 shows : Pat with Ron Carter - Sunday 3:30 pm at Carahrt Amphitheater Stage and Side Eye - Monday 3:00 pm at JPMorgan Main stage
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