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SUBJECT: Zorn’s praise. A reiteration. A reminder. Back to Subjects
May 22 2019
at 8:58 AM
Pat is of course a living legend--one of those rare lights in the universe. Touched by the Angels, his incredible facility and dedication, indefatigable energy and focus, imagination and never-ending curiosity has distinguished him as truly one of the greatest musicians on the planet. Pat has a VISION, and it is his ever youthful and honest excitement about LIFE--about MUSIC--his infectious positivity about the world that makes every one of his musical adventures so incredibly stimulating and special, from his solo work to his bands, from his work with Ornette and Steve Reich to the Orchestrion projects and beyond. (Many, if not most, of us have read John’s words. I merely post them as a restatement of what is abundantly obvious.)
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Mar 20 2020
at 5:06 PM
Bookmark and Share How could it be said more eloquently? And all that shines through from FTP, even though it conveys a somber message as well.
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