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Jun 19 2019
at 5:29 AM
Just received an email indicating Pat’s coming to Australia. Saw the Trio in Perth 2006, Travelled to Singapore 2014 for the Unity Group. Perth would be my choice but if he is playing anywhere in Oz I’ll be there, may even go to Singapore if playing there as well, It has an amazing concert hall. Hang’n out for the dates
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Mar 06 2020
at 8:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Melbourne, Palais Theatre. What an amazing show. Pat’s incredible memory and ability to recall all those familiar melodic lines, execute beautifully, and then improvise brilliantly time and time again - what a mind, a once in a generation artist. Add to that every song they played were entirely his compositions! In my view the artist/guitarist/musician of of the previous century and probably this one. Of course Antonio, Gwylim and Linda were brilliant too.
Mar 05 2020
at 2:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Perth Concert "WOW" did not disappoint. All the band were at the top of their game. It was all apart from Everything Explained from, From this Place a song book concert. Nearly two and a half hours of intense playing. To my liking, there was not a flat spot at all on the night, even on the acoustic songs. My only gripe was with the audience, a lot it seemed are not familiar with the tunes and started applauding before the song was completed, you know on the quieter outros, but only a minor thing at least they where enjoying the performance. A standing ovation was in order. Came the encore. Another standing ovation. We could not complain with one encore because they played their arses off for us. Pat mentioned he liked beaches and attractions of Perth so much he would like to move here one day. Melbourne and Sydney you are in for a treat. Get your tickets
Dec 07 2019
at 4:35 PM
Bookmark and Share You can also catch him in Europe next summer in several cities. That would make a nice tour with more variety than just one show in Australie.
Sep 24 2019
at 5:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Just got my tickets for the Perth concert. It’s a while off but still excited. I saw Return to Forever back in 2014 at the same venue. It has amazing acoustics and seating with great viewing of the stage.
Jun 22 2019
at 8:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Thought I was the only crazy one. Went to Seoul in 2002 to see PMG (I’m from Melbourne). The PM Trio only played in Adelaide in 2006, so I booked to go there but missed out after snapping an achilles. But fortunately did see the PMG in Melbourne in 1985, and the PM Unity Band in 2014 in Melbourne and Sydney. Intend to see this show wherever they play in Aus this time. The only artist I’d do this for.
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